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'Do You Still Coach?'
Bradley is Wondering about Crackpot Combat Training: Dateline 11/7/21
© 2021 James LaFond
“James, how could I arrange to do some training with you, that is if you still coach. Do you still coach?”
Bradley, thanks for inquiring.
In the past I have coached for three reasons:
-1. Mostly to earn training space and time. I coached at some 8 gyms and schools gratis so that I would have a training spot where my friends and I could spar and train in out of the snow, away from police harassment and out of the rain. That all went away with the disease bullshit. If I train its outside rain or shine. I am mostly away from the part of the country where I had these connections and, the other day, when I saw what looked like a fight gym, I thought of offering my services in exchange for a place to train... but I'm sick of the martial arts faggotry. My Portland training partner and I spar under a pavilion in the rain. Martial arts people do not trust a man who is not on the make for money anymore than dope fiends and drug dealers trust straight edge people. I'm done with that scene, didn't even train Sensie Steve's people this year when I was back in Ugly Town because of all of the racial and disease politics that have crept into combat arts back there.
-2. I agree to train men who I once trained before in these various programs when they look me up.
-3. The only new people I will train is someone who is putting me up as a host or who has bought some of the fighting books I wrote and wants some hands on training. I wrote those instructionals as well as I could. But learning how to fight out of a book is tough without hands on context and I never had the ability to make picture books. So, I would regard it as unethical for me to refuse training to someone who bought one of my training books.
That is it.
I do not train, women or children.
I will train law officers if they are willing to pay me up front whatever fee they deem worthwhile, sign an injury waiver and then spar full contact with the baton for 20 minutes.
I do not provide will, only skill and engage in no strength, endurance or weight loss training. I have no instructional certification and simply use my experience in hundreds of fights to help other men self-learn combat. I just help people learn how to beat the piss out of bigger, stronger, meaner people, which is the only worthwhile thing I have ever done in my sorry life.
You can contact me at 443-686-0598. Text in advance so I will answer the phone.
I will not travel to you. At certain times of the year I am in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County Maryland, Central New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Lancaster Pennsylvania, Summit County, Utah, Portland, Oregon and Maple Valley, Washington. Bring me a book to autograph and then we can train some.
I will do no corner work. I am simply not that good at it and devote my life to wearing a mask as little as possible. So I will be doing no fights in the future.
My coaching I would rate on 1-10 scale:
Boxing fundamentals: 8
Coach sparring: 3
Mitts: 2
Corner: 1 [I'm not even good at talking you out of doing it]
Kickboxing adjustments from karate-kung fu: 5
MMA adjustments/applications: 6
Bare-knuckle applications: 9
Self-defense applications: 7
Stick fundamentals: 8
Competition stick fighting: 7
Stick and dagger: 5
Double stick: 6
Stick coach-sparring: 9
Moderate sparring: 7
Quick sparring: 5 [going south quick]
Hard sparring: 4 [bottom can drop out any time]
Stick-cane for self defense: 8
Urban survival:
Empty hand: 7
Improvised tools: 8
Machete-umbrella-bat: 9
Knife: 10...he's already dead.
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