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T Rex Spex A.K.A. Yeti Waters
Checking in With A Pale Brother: 12/7/21
© 2021 James LaFond
[This life is strange. Emails below were sent by my Oregon host while I was in transit from Utah to Oregon, downloaded at the bar-office six weeks after my arrival, now being addressed ten days before departure, and will not be posted until a month after departure. I am sorry, Big Man. Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Been laying here all day trying to sleep, got stuck working nights this week, I reread Flood and Well of Chumps today.  The fucking dialogue in there was making me laugh my ass off.  Not gonna be reading any more of YOUR books when I'm trying to get to sleep.  
[That is the biggest compliment a reader can get—we usually put people to sleep. I’m going to use you as a template for a black character in Ditcher...since you are the only authentic negro I have met in the Pacific Northwest.]
I got the garage pretty well cleared out for you tonight, stacked the drums away and stuff to make room for hitting the snake.  
[Thanks, the garage has been great and the engine hoist at the foot of the bed gives me an industrial sense off security. Manny saw the pictures I sent and told me, “That engine hoist is for hauling up those big fat asses you like so much!”]
You have an audible account? I've found some good books on there lately, but had to spend alot of time really digging around to find em.  Lemme know if you'd like some recommendations. There was a real good one about Chief Seattle I think you'd like.  Not alot is known about him, this is only the second book written about him, the first was a kid's book from the 1940's.  
[Thanks. I have been unable to get on Audible, even with author invites. John Hospers, one time Libertarian presidential candidate, did a very nice article on Chief Seattle in a late 1980s issue of Liberty. It was a long piece and very well done.]
Anyway I'm back on the road again, on call, living and dying by the extra board.  Stuff is going good here.  Sometimes you feel like the lion and sometimes you feel like the gazelle.  I've been kicking so much ass lately you'd think I have a golden foot.  
I'll plan on picking you up Thursday from the train station.  
Take care, 
Wasn't Jove Roman?
[Indeed, he was. But, since Zeus and Jove are essentially identical Аrуаn patriarchs of Heaven, the only truly immortal deities of their respective pantheons, and Jove is more often depicted in the light of the Hebrew Yahweh and the ancient Sumurian “Heavenly Father” I find that, based on the comic book rendering of Zeus, that using Jove from our vantage in some cases is more authentic, if that makes any sense. I have also made the argument that Jove is a more ancient rendering than Zeus.]
After arrival email:
Reading Karen Crow article meditating on Xerxes
Ultimately all we really possess is FEAR.  When there's nothing left to fear, we find a way to destroy ourselves.  Secretly we all long to be destroyed.  
[That is true for me. I don’t know about the rest of these meat-puppets.]
Not sure what this means, but I stood up too quick just now and started to black out.  These are the words that popped into my brain.  Seemed profound to me in the midst of a head rush.  Ya got Xerxes rattling around in my head tonight. 
[The Persian King of Kings, all of them, were tragic figures, the only free man in a world peopled by all slaves, who sought barbarian friends from outside of their sphere of power so that they could actually have a conversation.]
[Thanks so much for the living space, Brother. It was fun boxing in the living room with the boys and you last night. We ought to duct tape foam to the walls.]
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