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Shaping the Cattle Space 1: A History of the Future: 11/11/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Kinsasha Kyle, the NFL and the Piggly Wiggly Wonks
It amazes me, as a man who was simultaneous hunted by the Baltimore City and Baltimore County police departments, and their rivals, the Bantu Thugz of Bodymore Murderland that almost every American I know are either “fuck the pigs” or “back the blue,” and that all news coverage works on this false polarity. The fact is that there are good cops, bad cops and mediocre “just getting my pension cops.”
Ideologically [in fantasy role play] cops are the guardians of freedom. But in reality cops enforce the state monopoly of force and are therefore freedom's strident enemy. They are the friend of corporate profits and boomer prosperity. American policing began as police enforcing the monopoly of force held by industrial corporations and slave owners, was transferred to the state, and is now being transferred back to corporate interests. It seem that only the age of industrial nation state warfare 1848-1991, [0] required the transfer of corporate and private policing to the state. In this postmodern global setting it is naturally reverting course.
My main reason for holding the police in disfavor is purely practical. The fact that their Number One mission is and has always been enforcing the government's monopoly of force, means that they are the instruments to punish any and all successful defenders. I never envisioned the police as my rescuers, but the rescuers of my attackers, as they were on at least three occasions. So long as I was armed with a knife or extension weapon [which are violations enforced by the MD, Police departments under The Annotated Code of Maryland and more severe superseding local statutes] I rated my chances of defeating semi-retarded Homo-Erectus rejects from some stone age continent as high. Indeed, my flight from Baltimore, driven by constant Bantu predation that eradicated my entire family's residence, between 1968 and 2018 was facilitated by the BPD as much as Libya's change in government was facilitated by the U.S., with no boots on the ground, enforcing a no fly zone over the Libyan air space.
I have been quite enjoying my stay in Portland, striding down the street, armed with knife and maglight two miles to the bar, cagey, even arrogant in stride and confident that the Pigs will not mess with me. Indeed, last night, when two youths on skateboards, the skateboard being a formidable weapon, were casing a storefront [seemingly] for burglary at 10:30 PM and I walked by them with five beers in my aged gut, they stopped and regarded me. They picked up their skateboards and discussed me with obvious concern. Now, in Inner Bantusistan I would have pretended not to noticed and melted away, or would have turned right down an alley and led them into an ambush, getting them as far away from police rescuers as possible.
But in unpoliced Whitebreadistan, I stopped, sneered, unsnapped my duster to gain access to my knife, and readied my maglight in my left hand. They turned away, from the storefront and me, changing their direction.
In light of what I have been seeing on the conservative [1] Fox local TV station this was of some interest. Some of this content is summarized below. Despite the image of burning Portland, of a war zone, my 168-pound 58-year-old double-hearnia ass, walks down the street like its very king, big thirty-something faggots apologizing for being in my path [last night 6:33], edgy mohawked hipsters [last night, 10:35] starting and leaping aside from my twerp stride. Imagine if I were, big, young, a bowie knife strapped to my leg rather than a skinning knife hidden under my wrinkled beer keg? For a man, Portland is entirely harmless if he does not engage in NGO street theater, road rage and saving the world from itself. Hell, this time last year my roommate and I robbed five homeless tweakers!
I am lucky enough to be positioned in a city that is as much of an anarcho-tyranny social experiment in 2021 as Baltimore was in 2015. the demographics are very different and the Creep State methods of human herd management have varied and evolved accordingly.
-Shootings are up X 10, but almost no one is getting shot. I am of the opinion that off duty cops are unloading their pistols and clearing their brass. I have gone to these shooting sites and there is neither brass or blood. Hoodrats don't police their brass!
-Most of the killings are of Bantu criminals by two guns, meaning that outside contractors or Creep State agents are doing the killings. The FBI is offering $15k rewards for information on the shootings of California drug dealers and hitters snuffed in Portland.
-Calls for police oversight and prosecution of cops across the river in conservative Caucasian Vancouver and Clark County, Washington, are based on Bantu Gawdz being killed by ghost cops.
-Calls for police expansion are based on paleface tweakers boosting the caddalitic converters from white hipsters, complete with hilarious video of a tweaker that looks like Mark Wahlberg playing Dennis the Menace as a meth-head.
-The NFL games, have all Bantu commercials, all Bantu stars, worship of all none-ghost staff and players based on their race, and features military recruitment and insurance commercials and even the wearing of military uniforms by coaching staff on the field. The NFL shows were an orgy of Negro-worship and military-heroization.
-Local white business owners are complaining that they have to hire private security when they are supposed to be protected by government thugs.
-The Kinssasha Kid, Kyle, the dumb fuck who decided to tool up like a soldier and protect the streets of his town after the cops had declined to, and while Felonious Buggers of Insemination agents were shooting up the place and dropping off pallets of bricks and NGO troopers were being given a pass for burning and looting and chasing his dumbass down, and the cops were there to arrest him after he was forced to defend himself, is on TV trial, crying like a baby.
Not only is the current American traditional masculine hero a boy, he is a cry baby. Of course, Americans will either back Kyle or crucify him. There is no room for, “Hey, people who do dumb shit deserve dumb prizes, which includes him and the dumbasses trying to kill him.”
No, Kyle must be devil or angel, hero or villain. This polarity, as false as it is permanent in this nation's design, guarantees that Kyle's fate: acquitted, dismissed or convicted, will serve The System. Keep in mind that most of the justifiable killings of thugs by concerned citizens or police, Z-man and Skittle, D-man and Gentle-Giant, Freddie Grey and the The Six Spittle Pigs, never resulted in a criminal conviction of the slayer of a Young Gawd. However, these very events transformed the nation.
No matter the result of the trial, in which the judge was scolding the Persecuting Attorney for constitutional violations, various celebrities, government agencies and NGO operatives, will make sure that Kyle's life is a living hell. This could include civil suits waged by endlessly deep pockets, death threats, his employer being badgered into firing him for his sins, whatever. This American Conservative idea that it is perfectly okay to be locked up and caged like an animal in a zoo for months and even years so long as you prove your innocence in Sacred Court, is shared by criminals!
For our slave ideology is shared by “back the blue” and “fuck the pigs” advocates alike. Whatever portion of Kyle's life was spent behind bars has been lost forever—like watching a bad movie, time he will never get back, time during which he might have landed a great job or met the love of his life, or fathered a son, might have joined the army and become a real soldier.
It is unimportant if BLM targets him, though they might. His scuffle was with non-blacks, mere worshippers of blacks. BLM is being repurposed, which I will cover in Part 3.
If Kyle is acquitted, this will fuel legislative reform and gun control law. This would actually be the best Creep State outcome, as it would encourage foolish Murican Gun Rights types to be suckered into being the next “white supremacist” gunmen and the Felonious Buggers of Insemination would swing into gear finding his dumbass and constructing a situation that puts a pale hand on a long gun aimed at the bleeding caramel heart of Civic America.
If Kyle is released on some kind of mistrial this will fuel civil suits, or hate law reform, or even hate crime charges if one of his fallen foes may be categorized as of Heavenly Hue. In a world where President Frothy Latte or Vice President Camel Quean, may be “black,” then anyone might be so designated.
If Kyle is convicted, then attacks on people perceived as owning white privilege, and especially gun owners, will increase, with Bantus literally begging their armed crime victims to shoot them so that they can sue and become millionaire martyrs, because Bantus know that most shooting victims survive to continue their never-ending jive.
The crowning atrocities in this mere week of propaganda was that the commercials aimed at military veterans and families all extolled the worship and trustworthiness of Bantus and women over others. Until this very year a disproportionate percentage of service men, particularly in combat arms, have been palefaces. So, it is no surprise, as the military selects against agency, just as the NFL conducts a broad-based drive to replace the few remaining ghost players in the very positions they have excelled, like quarterbacking and kicking, that the government agencies largely underwriting the league with advertising dollars are also trying to deepen the color of its recruits.
Finally, to prepare the cattle herd for a military or at least federal takeover of policing, ROTC candidates were videoed and interviewed standing vigil at a monument to Portland Area college graduates who have lost their lives [these would all be officers, part of the priestly battle space-cattle space management caste] in combat. The majority of these future officers depicted were “of color” “female” or “trans” as were the only candidates interviewed, foremost among them a golden-skinned youth that might have been the protagonist of my 2019 novel Ghost-Snatcher, Berstain Dessalines, graduate of the Portland Social Justice Academy, nicknamed “Sunshine” by his Bantu NCO and men.
While the use of the U.S. Military to insure the enforcement of a falsified election has already occurred, no one along the axis of our false polarity with a significant voice will admit that. Think, the basic underpinning of our political order was nakedly reversed from election to selection, and none of us have the courage to mention it. That was an important milestone in the shackling of the American mind to The Lie.
Whether it is engineered or real famine, engineered or fake or real disease, American law enforcement will change like so:
-Massive increase in private security, already done and here to stay
-Restoration, expansion and increased federalization of local police to combat social injustice, medical avoidance, citizen gun ownership and white crime
-Increase in jurisdiction and power of federal law enforcement
-Use of the military to back all three, which should result in a ten-fold increase in the number of guns pointed at U.S. Citizens to make way for “U.S. Persons.”
Portland I see as key in this in that despite it's hipster woke bent, it is working class, filled up mainly by Los Angeles, Bay Area California and Seattle economic refugees who share the progressive sentiments of those larger and more prosperous places but could not afford to rent apartments in those places. For this reason, I see Portland and places like it, “woke working class” cities as the place were the junior officers of the future crusading army of the Media-Medical-State will be drawn from. It will be their sacred duty to command, reprimand, police, disarm and eradicate the traditional rural paleface soldier and cop of times gone bye and usher in a hallowed age under Color of Law. [2]
-0. Crimean and Mexican American Wars, American invasion of Japan in 1850s, and ending with the Gulf War of 1991 and the last tank battle of the Modern Era. I mark 1992 as Postmodern Advent.
-1. Yes, you would not call it conservative, but it is to the right of everything but One America and Newsmax, and by comparison to local ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates.
-2. As Robert E. Howard noted of English Naval law in The One Black Stain, a poem of Solon Kane
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