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The Acts of Awes West: A Tale of Elder Earth
© 2022 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Copyright 2022 James LaFond
Lynn Lockhart, Publisher
A mind with no name, working weird wills in a world long ago fallen insane, the Sorcerer is a seeker searching for Powers Unuttered, traversing a world riven by a false meridian.
Sorcerer! is a fantasy that unfolds in an Alter Elder Earth, a world where Christendom held back Islam at Constantinople in 1453, in which Henry the Eighth had a son and where Martin Luther became Pope. In Elder Earth New England sprawls as a Medieval America, a vast land ruled by the Sword under The Cross, in The 2031st Year of Our Lord.
For Matt, met on the way
Medicine Wheel Mountain, Medicine Bow Range, the Priory of Awes West, Under the Bishopric of Montana, in His Majesty’s Domain of Wester New England.
Geopolitics of Wester New England
New England is structured on the Provincial system.
New England is separated from Wester New England by the mighty Mississippi River.
Wester New England is structured according to church doctrine in Bishoprics, and rather than the Kings’ soldiery, is protected by the Knights of The Church in their Three Sanguine Orders:
-The Knights Sepulcher [descended from the purged order Templar] who guard Iowa and the North
-The Knights of Saint George, who guard the South on the Border Marches of Arkansas
-The Knights Trace, who guard Montana, Colorado and Kansas and the West
The most prosperous and populous Bishopric of the West is Iowa.
The most depressed and desolate Bishopric is the Indian Cloister Province of Dakota.
Montana bears the brunt of foreign menace and extends west to White Fish, Yellow Stone, and the Bear Tooth Mountains, is bordered on the Southwest by The Great Salt Lake and to the south by Colorado.
West of The Great Divide, beyond the jagged Bear Tooth Mountains broods Alaska, where Schismatic Conspiracy threatens from the Domain of the Czars.
To the South, the Comanche Hordes buffer and harry the Bishoprics of Kansas and Colorado and the Dons of New Spain, who rule lazily over their sleepy mission towns.
Away and anon to south and east, in the piney Border Marches of Arkansas, the ancient evils of Voodoo thrive under the Corrupt Viceroys of New France.
North in the river-traced reaches of Canada the Jesuit Apostates, having resisted the Servile Decree of the Pope these Hundred Heretical Years, plot their dooms in Winter’s very home among their savage flocks of forest flitting tribesmen.
Wester New England, half-forgotten by its distant King, is guarded on its borders by the swords of the crusading orders, administered by the Bishops and Abbots. It is a realm under threat from Voodoo cultists and Heathen hordes to the south, Czarist slavers to the west, and the heretic fanatics of Ignatius in The Northland, also called Canada.
“No heathen may go unharried,
by the Wester sworn.
No sorcerer may find sanctuary,
behind the cloister door.
From the Sons of Ignatius,
we may not turn.
May we know no rest
until the Czarists all pine before Hell’s dark door.”
-Creed of The Knights Trace
Writing Sorcerer

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