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Hobo Weapons
Viking Age Barbarian and the Sped Age Librarian Discuss Tools as Weapons: 2/21/22
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[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Loved the article on swords and machetes, coming out when Youtube was full of articles about best sword for personal defense e.g soft-faced   Shad, Matt Eastern.
Hobo weapons are the way to go, tools like hoes are the last things to be banned. I talked through town with a full-sized scythe, with shopping paper over it, right past central cop station once, no concern in a sword banned jurisdiction.
[Recognizing that the police are the ultimate enemy of humanity, one should seek weapons for defense against their auxiliaries, like BLM and Auntqueefa and assorted immigrant militia thugs that will not bring down the PIGZ upon you, and save heavier grades of weapons for actually extracting the highest body count possible when the cops come for you for the crime of your birth.]
Hobo weapons e.g the sharpened spade,  against Thompson's cold Steel would make a great book and vid.
Some movie weapons concepts are so screwed because the plebs do not know the basics of how things work. Take the chain saw. I have used these for decades, and have seen some accidents by team members doing tree clearing on hillsides. These tools get fouled up quick, cloth, even vegetation can clog up the chain. And, a good piece of steel will totally fuck up the chain, even a rusty slice of barbed wire. Even more than the mystical katana, the chainsaw is seen as the modern light saber. In most cases I do better with a hand saw, at least on steep hill sides.
[Last week I spent 15 minutes melting the blade on a power saw [sawzaw] trying to cut one steel fence post and got halfway through it. The next day I borrowed a hack saw and cut down two of these buggers in five minutes. Complexity is always a detriment to actual combat use for a weapon.]
For psycho hacking, a machete, king sized Bowie or axe would do better.
[Note that on Forged in Fire, the only reality show I can stomach, that the basic testing design for knives is essentially a camp knife or other short sword, like a bowie or kukri. This indicates that this is an optimal size for generating hacking and slashing force for the various performance and stress tests.]
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sock and fist size weight in it tied off works well too.
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