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Brutality Beat
Harm City Correspondents Report in: 2/1-7/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
It seems I do a seasonal Harm City-travel writing journal as a supplement to the ongoing fiction and history work. Having just written a fantasy and aiming to retool the cracked pottery to write a near future science fiction set in the Pacific Northwest, it is time to do email cued articles, beginning with the last of the emails and the texts, as a provisional journal of the divisible near future:
Next Phase in the Strong Devil Trilogy
[In the future, as medical warrants served by NGOs and Corporations are used for social control, the “corrections officers” will deliver rape, just like doordash and uber eats. The medical orderlies and shrinks sent to your house or apartment to drug you up, will fuck violate you in the comfort of your own home.]
UFC 6 champion Oleg Taktarov survives torture and attempted murder in Mexico : MMA (
I know you can do a much better job talking about this than I could.  I start sputtering and stuttering and my blood pressure redlines.
[Taktarov ahs long been one of my heroes. This story, where he sticks up for a woman against hotel or resort security, and is then attacked by a dozen armed goons, seems to have been an attempt to hospitalize him and use medical billing to empty his bank account. I recently had a clinical cardiologist tell me that the purpose of modern hospitals is only one thing: killing people in such a way as to drain their savings and gain their house. Modern medicine is being use din many ways to get homes and property into the hands of Leviathan. This is the future of America, medicalized-anarcho-tyranny.]
Score so far is Baltimore 34 Portland 12. Seems kind of unfair, the champs still get the first round draft picks every year. At least we ain't Seattle, with just 5.
[Thank you so much. The only news I get when not at a bar in Portland or watching the weather girl in Utah, is texts and emails from wry wishers like you.]
32 killed in Baltimore as of the 26th, 38 in Philly as of the 25th.
-Mescaline Franklin
[This is actually chilling. The Mid-Atlantic has been very cold this winter and Bantu Kangs typically go int winter quarters and stop feuding from Thanksgiving until March. Posting July and August murder rates in Baltimore during extra cold winter months can only mean one thing—that Homo Neglectus, also known as the Ebony Gods, have finally effected a cold adaptation. This is very cool and was predicted in Reverent Chandler and Night Song of the Nords, that Homo Inventus and Homo Neglectus would feud on deep into Ice Age North America!]
Hey boss, hope all is well! You once posted on the site your dumbell workout and I cannot locate it. Any tips on how to find it?
[I have no clue as how to find anything on my site—none.]
Also, I just saw your posts [Strong Devil, Young Devil, Come Devil] and your memory is amazing! I am more than happy to relate more stories if you want to write them.
-Son of Aryas
[Thanks for the compliment. I would be interested in documenting more of your feats of meathead valor behind bars at some point this year.]
So I am a fucking retard. Meant to send you a message about Last Whiteman. I think you did Robert E. Howard proud. Really like how in a way it is a little bit more in depth then some of his writing—like he had aged and had more to say and by virtue of having living longer would've been an even more keen observer.
[I thought that a natural step for Howard, after the passing of his parents, would have been him working as a travel writer for men's magazines.]
I continue to dig how you make the low lifes human.
[That is merely an autobiographical conceit.]
Lastly, Liberian cannibals on Northern Parkway!!!! You crazy SOB. Brilliant!
-Nero the Pict
[Thanks, bro, but honestly, the prediction of African cannibals in Baltimore City is a sober demographic prediction of the near future. I will take, Brilliant and crazy over responsibly accurate any day of the weak.]
Thank you all, My Friends and readers, for kindly putting up with my pulp literature experiment.
-James, Cascadia, 2/7/22
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Crux Cross     Apr 20, 2022

Son of Aryas, & James,

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