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Tactical Mask Police
Crux Cross and the Crackpot Discuss Viral Tyranny: 1/7-2/13/22
© 2022 James LaFond
Mask update.
Well, it finally happened. 
Yesterday, Friday, January 7, 2022, late morning, there was an NYPD-on-citizen mask intervention/advisement in Penn Station, NYC, to which the citizen yielded, at least for a time. 
It happened at the intersection of the LIRR section’s east-west underground ‘shopping promenade’* with the westernmost north-south corridor, just before that LIRR promenade comes to a sort of branching out end.
[Long background on the layout of Penn Station to give context to just how far this citizen might have walked before being intervened upon: 
[To back up, if you’re coming into Penn station from the eastern street, 7th Avenue, there are three entrances: southernmost near 31st street corner is a nice escalator-stair set-up that enters directly into a New Jersey Transit (NJT) station —tellers, signage, etc.; middle, which is directly flush across from 32nd street —where West 32nd T-bones into Penn Station and/or Madison Square Garden, which enters into a lobby off which to the left is NJT, off the right is the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), and straight on would be, after like a block underneath in a subterranean shopping center of sorts, Amtrak; and brand new still working on northernmost near 32nd street escalator entrance directly into the LIRR area. 
[If you enter via that last, you’ll enter an area mostly boarded off by construction panels or paneling or whatever they call the temporary wood structures that keep regular people from going into active construction work areas. Some things like the cop station and the information booth are up and running, but the whole area to your right (north) is boarded off, while lots of the former little coffee bakery sandwich places on the right are boarded off due to probably closing as well. 
[All this is to say this area used to be like the middle area, about a block long underground shopping center pedestrian walkway. 
[Now, walking from the entrance on 7th along that walkway (yes, headed westerly in the direction of 8th avenue, but underground), one passes or could pass a series of north-south ‘corridors.’ 
[The first was not only a corridor but used to be a sort of open main waiting area, with an, I would guess, 2+ story high ceiling. It’s now low, loaded with columns, as there’s some phased construction project going on —which when you think about it is kind of I guess the hardest thing for these guys to do: rebuild a working public space while still keeping it open and functional. 
[The second is called the ‘Central Corridor.’ This week marked, in my observation, a definite surrender of that area to, for lack of a better word at the moment, the ‘homeless.’ 
[And that’s all to the point of explaining or giving background to the following:] 
Given that the person intervened upon had entered that area from the east, heading west, it would be reasonable to assume he might have walked substantially all the way through Penn Station’s underground before being approached by that particular policeman. 
The casually dressed middle aged euro american guy was just about turning to his left and into the most westerly north-south corridor where he would later buy a ticket from a machine, when one of two youngish male NYPD officers made a statement and hand gesture to the effect of, clearly, advising him that he had to wear a mask. 
The guy walked a step or two and then apparently thought better of just blowing off the cop and turned and said something like excuse me. 
By that point, the one cop who spoke, had sort of pealed away from his partner, and taken a few casual steps towards the guy, and repeated his request. I heard something about ‘department of transportation’ or ‘transportation area’ as the basis of the order. The cop was euro american too. 
The guy, having stopped, said something like ok, and, yeah, I have a mask, and then walked away reaching into a pocket to pull out a mask, one of those ubiquitous blue white jobs. He didn’t exactly rush to get it on, using just one hand while holding a travel bag or something in his other hand. 
Then the guy, when out of the sight line of the cops due to columns and boardings, which placement he obviously sought out, did the nose thing, freeing up his nose. 
So, he responded, but in kind of a slow walk way.
Oh yeah, then he put on glasses and did the nose thing. So he was I think it’s safe to say he was setting up the ‘but the mask fogs up my glasses’ excuse.
I didn’t note the ethno background of the other cop  —just that he wasn’t Afro-american or south asian. He stayed at his post with, essentially, his back to a wall at the end of that subterranean intersection and stayed completely out of the interaction. But then again, it’s not like the first cop walked anything more than 5-7 yards away and the interaction didn’t really escalate. 
Both cops were fully masked.
Also, noteworthy, but the station was very low in terms of population, traffic, etc. It was late morning, Friday, January 7, 2022, with a snow storm of a few inches just having hit overnight, so probably 2-3 factors limiting traffic, etc.
But, again, the main point —after the fact of an actual intervention, was that anyone entering from 7th avenue and heading west along the LIRR zone would have probably had to pass at least one other NYPD cop or set of cops at an outside entrance, then a set or two of other cops on station in either a main lobby area or two, and at least one set of national guardsmen before that particular cop took it upon himself to request mask usage. 
Note also, I didn’t see any State Troopers in their Friday. 
So, lots of detail, but I might as well continue with these logs. 
And again, noteworthy, an actual police intervention.
One last thing: I failed totally to spot if these particular NYPD had any special markings. On other mask/ νаϲсіոe passport things on the internet, like restaurant intervention videos, I’ve noted that there’s some sort of ‘Strategic Response’ squad or group or something. So, no idea whether this was just one apparently mask vigilant regular cop or something else. Guessing the former though. 
PS: Almost forgot, LIRR train ride was the usual look away from mask-problematic riders situation, with one 40-ish male (sleeve tatted) conductor actually doing the nose thing too. This despite at least three announcements over the public address system before the train pulled out of the station to the effect that masks must be worn at all times, and fully over the mouth and nose. Interestingly to me, the announcements did not cite a ‘mandate’ or rule or regulation or direction of, just said ‘must wear.’
PSS: Nearly forgot, for completeness sake: 
I’d say that trip was:
Subway: light ridership but 95%+ masking on the subway; 
Penn Station: light station traffic and light police presence (in that I didn’t see any state troopers) with an intervention and 90% mask usage (I’m just now remembering one other euro american guy and a construction worker not wearing masks at all; didn’t see them approached but when I saw them they were out of the sight line of that particular cop); 
LIRR: light ridership with low —~60%?— mask usage, declining the further out the ride went and less crowded the train became. Note: Most passengers are, I think, Penn Station to somewhere out on the line, rather than intermediate to intermediate riders. 
*I just checked. What I’m calling the LIRR shopping promenade is what they call the ‘Connecting Concourse; what I’m calling the furthest west east-west corridor is what they call the ‘Exit Corridor’. I’m going to omit a hyperlink, but if you run a search for ‘inside penn station’ images, you might find a good ‘3-D’ perspective time map/image. I feel like I’ve gone way overboard here with detail, but as you might see from that image, there’s basically very little chance someone walking westerly gets to the ‘Exit Corridor’ without being in the station for a good bit. I suppose construction workers or cops or railroad employees know sort of secret entrances and maybe could ‘drop in’. But regular people? No way. IMO anyone witnessing this could only reasonably understand this as not an ‘at the door’ or ‘at the entrance’ intervention. 
Take care and thanks again for all your coverage and analysis, 
The Mask-Vaxx shell game is going on here like a psychotic yoyo in Washington State. I have some v-safe literature in hand that points the way to a world that will be entirely fake, lame and gay. Just like Amtrak has plague filtering processes that may only be fulfilled with a smartphone, so does v-safe, a CDC program that supports that agency’s recent release of a bio-weapon upon the American feed lot, a bio-weapon which came very close to killing this hobo 7 weeks ago. There is no way to be considered disease free on the federal level without a smartphone. I continue to be in contact with folks losing their jobs over not being regarded as viral safe.
Releasing now five bioweapons upon us and lying about it in many ways, and fanning hysteria, is being sued to usher in an automated, social ostracism matrix. I wrote a story in 2012 about Dwayne Gridless, the last hobo to be forcibly fitted with a smartphone, for his own good. I never imagined that I might actually be that piece-of-shit hobo.
I would much rather die of a government-NGO bioweapon, then have a smart phone. Mentally, after 2 months not wearing a mask ina rural location, I am going to have to gird my mind for maskland mania. I can confidently say I will never go to New York city except as a prisoner or a corpse and very much appreciate your reporting from within the beating heart of The Beast.
In the future U.S. Citizens, as opposed to the preferred U.S. Persons are going to be required to have a smart phone or variant, smart watch, smart glasses, smart card, smart chip, of some kind to insure viral purity. The disease thing si a stick and carrot to get the Info-Yoke upon our necks. We will compete, as we have been trained to, for the privilege of having the ebst smart device on or within us.
Note, that for most of American history, it was a capital crime to travel without freedom papers.
Currently, in most American municipalities, it is a minor crime to exist without an up t date Identification card.
In the near future, the smart device, the identification card, freedom papers, drivers license, passport, weapon permit, debit card, credit card and medical health insurance card will all be combined in one smart device. This device will operate on information provided as much by medical and media gatekeepers as by civic functionaries and police.
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