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On Combat Forward
Jeth Randolph of the One-in-One Journal
© 2022 James LaFond
Dear fellow traveller of the taboo path,
Whether you are new to this work’s subject matter and starting out in your learning or a seasoned veteran of the ring, mats or street, the book in your hands will provide you with great advice that is many times unique and ideas aplenty to fuel years of productive training and add greatly to your current skill level.
Either way, in the food chain that is this gaslit world, you’ll be viewed as a less appetising meal...
It's a great honour to be given the opportunity to write this brief foreword as James has stated that it will be his final book on fighting and I believe these writings will be important for their honesty in describing this subject in the context of our current times in years to come.
James’s writing is filled with truths about people, violence, predation, training for and defending against assault and even an international reader of some experience can relate strongly to the content.
I was asked to write this foreword from a UK viewpoint and I ruminated about the differences in our cultures and lives.
But in the end, it was the similarities that I kept coming back to.
As a Limey, perhaps it might be thought that I view the situations and advice given in this and his other works as a million miles away in terms of relevance for a denizen of “this septic isle” rather than the far-off reality of Baltimore USA. That when read here, it should only be of interest to a safely distal observer looking with bemusement at some foreign horror show.
But, increasingly, this is not the case. As the US goes, so do the UK and Europe follow.
The content of James’s work will now be familiar to many, far from Harm City, that recognise only too well what is documented, analysed and discussed.
…Welcome to planet Harm!
Jeth Randolph
Jan 2022
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Charles     Apr 27, 2022

Nice. Cheers.
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