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Back the Blew
Where Is American Civic Slavishness Headed?: 2/21/22
© 2022 James LaFond
Today, I walked over the shoulder of the mountain twice. The first time with two church ladies, one of which said, “Do you think the U.N. will be used to enforce mandates in the U.S.”
During the second walk over the mountain with The Colonel he mused some about “back when I was brain-washed,” [in the military] and wondered if any Americans would be running guns across the Canadian border to the truckers.
As we were having this conversation Electric Dan sent me this text:
“Another of your predictions, rumor is there are 2 planeloads of UN troops from Germany brought into Ottawa Canada.”
Look, the United Nations is a creation of the United States, formed at the dawn of The Atomic Age by the then only atomic power. It is based in the U.S., right next to half of the banks that control it, the other half being in London and mainland Europe. NATO is also a U.S. entity.
Americans have been brain-washed, on the Left and the Right, to think that the U.S. is about its citizen’s, for good or ill. It has never been so. The U.S. soldier has died around the world since 1898 only to project and protect the interests of international banking firms and other economic entities. The U.S. soldier has not fought a war to defend U.S. soil or citizens since 1814.
Anglophone North American began as nothing but a place to export unwanted people and “plant” them to make money for London interests. From 1776 to 1946, those interests have mostly been shifted to New York City. No U.N. Mission has ever been conducted against U.S. interests. The U.S.A. is the original fake country, 50 slices of phony civic baloney set up to exploit American citizens for the benefit of international concerns.
Both the Left and the Right believe that America was founded for ordinary white men, and it was manifestly not, as indicated by any clear-eyed reading of the founding documents. White men were not assigned a single race-based right, and only a single duty, to fight and die in U.S. wars.
We are a population that was constituted in order to be replaced when we finished subduing most of the planet for the banks.
The capital of the U.N. is New York. Therefore the U.N. serves New York interests. Blue as the helmet color was chosen as a police color, to indicate civic service rather than the malefic harvest of war.
Various clinics have been run in the Anglophone world since 2000, when the New York World Order took over by staging an attack on itself: grooming gangs in England, Riots in America, lock down Australia, Energy Weapons in New Zealand, and the Canadian crackdown. These are largely clinics for controlling Anglophone populations and measuring media impact, just like Charlottesville 2017 was a clinic for D.C. 2021 and Baltimore 2015 was a clinic for American unrest in 2021.
I suspect that America is Invading itself with outsiders in order to purge itself of insiders and become truly global. Remember, if the U.N. rules, that is just an American front organization, based in New York.
National Guard training now focuses on putting down civic Unrest, even though the same government promoting this training is fanning unrest. This indicates that the government is hoping that conservative Americans will follow BLM and Auntqueefa into the streets so that the military can be brought in against the real enemy of America, the Caucasian working class.
There are 18 federal law enforcement agencies, numerous military contractors, five branches of the military, and NATO cognitive warfare units, operating within the U.S. now, against the U.S. Citizens. The U.N. hardly seems to be needed, not when one puts in the 50 state national guard armies, the 50 state police forces, and the various blue-uniformed thug armies of cities and counties.
If the U.N. blue helmets are deployed against Americans, I see it in the following contexts:
-Defending Canadian and Mexican borders against U.S. civilian “invaders”,
-Defending Chinese, Russian, German and Brazilian real estate and resource acquisitions in the U.S. against any move to preserve U.S. land for U.S. citizens. Look, for the U.S. Government, to prioritize U.S. land for U.S. citizens, is exactly like the owner of McDonald’s prioritizing the use of that eatery for employees over customers. It does not make rational sense.
-Enforcing global climate summit resolutions, like banning wood stoves and gasoline powered private autos, with U.S. law enforcement oversight. U.S. military officers and law officers will never mutiny. The only danger is that grunts will fail to fire on fellow citizens. That is why you need international trigger pullers.
-The U.N Blue Helmets will be brought in to enforce the will of the majority of U.S. citizens that we all get vaxxed and we all worship blacks. This should happen by 2031 and will be crucial in convincing the dominant progressive, liberal element of American society to start chanting “Back the blue.”
Thank you God, for blessing this marginal writer with the most interesting of times to write about.
However it happens, I guarantee, that during the lifetimes of many reading this, that “back the blue” is going to become a liberal, progressive expression used by self-hating Caucasians and people of color, as the police round up and disarm rednecks, hillbillies and fundamentalist Christians.
Please keep in mind that the U.N. oversees mass rape of children in many nations, and that mass rape of children was the keystone of the foundation of America. Thus Anglophone commercial culture and Africanized Islam have one great point of agreement, that raping children is the core value of social control. [1]
-1. Major themes in my novels The Filthy Few, Beyond Rainbow Bridge, Last Whiteman, Beyond the Pale, By Gaslight, and currently in Whack the Blue.
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