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‘Why Fire the Truck Drivers?’
Canadian News of Leviathan’s Hooves Raking the Flinty Earth: 1/26/22
© 2022 James LaFond
The Captain’s wife and the Colonel’s wife were walking with the dogs and the Crackpot above the mist on the mountain road this morning, when the Captain’s bride said, “I have a friend in Canada [1] who sent me a picture of empty shelves and was astonished that the Canadian government fired thousands of truck drivers when they crossed back into Canada unvaxxed. Why would a government treat its people like that?”
On the upside, America could use more truck drivers.
A government is first and foremost a social organism of control. It’s identity is vested in its ability to control its population. Further, our notion of governance is based on our notion of parenting, which is based in the English and German spheres [2] that focused on daily beating of children, alternative schemes of punishment and humiliation, and also of sale and rental of disobedient children to America. America and Canada in particular were built on the backs of punished youths sold into these nations to labor unto death for the Master Class, a class which has always, across Western history, taken upon itself the roll of parenting the underclass, from the brutal treatment of white trash to the fetish pet keeping of imported tropical races.
This is what our societies are made of. In the military sphere the spirit of the soldier must be broken into blind obedience before it is built, which makes the civilized soldier more prone to PTSD than the savage barbarian or ancient hoplite, and more easily controlled. This is just one example of how Western society’s slave basis wells up within our systems of control. For instance, the western military dictum that the soldier must fear his NCO more than the enemy, is the use of obedience over courage to develop social control in sync with higher technology platforms. For, this idea, only comes into play in Roman and modern military systems. [3]
The idea that obedience is more important than initiative is an outgrowth of a military-social complex that uses superior technology. This superior technology permits the mediocre and even frightened soldier to prevail over the enthusiastic warrior. It also places the Master Class in peril, as the Roman elites learned to their dismay and to the tune of dozens of slain emperors. For the soldiers who operate the technology hold the key to turning upon the Master Class. Thus we see the purging of warrior-mentality officers in the U.S. military since exactly 2001. [4]
Canada is the agricultural clinic for America for the dawning Ice Age, which is what all of this Master Class panic is about. Crop failures in Canada, including wheat and potato have already occurred and will be mirrored in the Lower 48 by 2031. As big as government is in the Western World, U.S. citizens outnumber their masters by 100 to 1. These many experiments with emasculation and social control, making us do things like wearing face diapers without any benefit, just to get us to obey, are crucial steps in achieving compliance of the masses before the famines of 2030 to 2060.
The technological edge of the modern military will easily permit the U.S. Military to exterminate hundreds of millions of Americans with only 2 million government operatives and far few combatants. However, this would trigger the defection of soldiers and NCOs, the working class officer the soldiers are supposed to fear. This happens when militaries drawn from a population are turned on that population. A minority of military men will join the population, which is enough to make Master Class defeat a possibility, though not a likely one. Note that in Plantation America, Hessian soldiers most often defected as units lead by the very NCOs whose role it was to terrorize those soldiers into obedience.
So, in the current setting, with fiends like Brill Yates investing in herd culling vaϲϲines and agricultural land to be taken out of cultivation so that he can reduce food supplies and at the same time promoting factory made food, there is a real goal of feeding us from centralized food production rather than diverse agriculture. When a controlling party begins to lose control and respect, the ham-fisted quest to gain respect through brute means is likely, for it is instinctive.
World food reserves should be depleted by 2030, just when the Eddie Solar Minimum brings minimal to zero sunspot activity and increased volcanism as we are now experiencing has significantly cooled temperate growing regions. Canada is a clinical study for social control just as Baltimore was in 2015 a clinic on urban anarcho-tyranny that went live nation wide in 2020 and has yet to abate, as it is intended to continue through 2031.
Imagine, if you will, a drunk father who does not work, but sends his wife and children out to work and punishes and beats them if they fail to bring him their paychecks, or if they buy something he does not approve of. Imagine how this man would become more desperate as his sons grew into defiant youth and his daughters and wives sought the refuge of other men? Eventually, he knows, his sons will either walk away or turn the tables on him, he either abandoned or beaten in his own illgotten house. That is the moral crisis facing every modern nation, for they are all either abusive fathers or cruel and domineering mothers, left with the choice of either breaking their abused human property, driving them away, or giving way in collapse as their bitter children either take over or tear down their house of unspared rods.
-1. Everybody I know in Washington has Canadian contacts and have spent some time across the border.
-2. Our parenting traditions and schooling methods and military induction and training traditions are taken from these two sources predominantly.
-3. The Ancient Roman Republic was the direct template employed by The American Founding Fathers and the inspiration for modern military reforms beginning in 1648, but extending back to Machiavelli.
-4. The Soviets did this in the 1930s.
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