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‘How Are Things in Portland?’
The Brick Mouse Wants to Know: 3/3/2020
© 2022 James LaFond
It is raining a lot in Portland, yanking the bad eye this way and that as the Grey God torments this worn out sack of bones.
Writing is going really well, as my surroundings are very familiar and I have very few contacts here and my host works a lot. I have been writing, sleeping a few hours, writing, sleeping, writing, exercising, etc.
Portland is an interesting study in terminal civil decline, which makes it a cushy place for someone who survived the Baltimore Drug War. The Drug War here is already over—everything is legal. Violent crime is ten fold what it was two years ago but less then 10% of what it is in Bantu drug war zones like Baltimore, Philly, Jamaica Queens, Camden, Detroit, Flint, etc.
It is getting steadily worse. But people are so Testosterone deficient in Portland that unless you go messing with tweakers in their tent cities, marching in protests, or are female or Asian, there is not much aggression to deal with.
Most of the males in Portland conform to the following Neurotypes:
-Fat or skinny, very few being fit, with hips generally wider than shoulders
-Masked outside,
-Gender questionable…
The dangerous minority are:
-Insane meth-head bitches with tattooed necks, rocking bodies and stone faces, like the whore I saw blowing reefer into a dead potted plant on a sidewalk in front of Bar Maven this morning, talking to the plant and trying to revive it.
-Frightening but peripheral tweaker apes in their camps. These guys are tooling up and I will never help Yeti Waters rob these savages again.
-The occasional light of skin kang learning how to be threatening to the most deracinated ghost people on earth, who generally regard this old cook as if I’m Dracula risen.
-Working class men who attend dive bars on the outskirts of town and work in the trades.
The women type like so, from most to least common:
-Good looking professionals with cucked slave husbands
-Working class women between 30 and 50 in desperate need of a real man, who work almost all of the registers and food counters.
-Lumpy lesbos and koolaid haired manhaters
-Underpaid sex workers who are not yet ugly
-Middle aged ladies who work for a living
-Segregated Latinas and Asians going about their business
-Native chicks who have outlived their men and are looking for white guys
-Light skinned Queans who are treated like royalty by all
If I were a young man I’d settle in Portland.
-Since I’ve lost weight, and have begun looking even older, numerous women in their late 30s have expressed an interest in me. This is an indication that there are more wombs aching to be seeded with yeti spawn than there are yetis willing to sire offspring. This would be a good place for a man in his prime to rescue a girl from and take her to the country for clean living.
If I were a cop or other kind of violent criminal I’d set up a racket here ASAP.
-Pimping could make a real comeback in Portland
-Good hitters are needed
-Security work gigs are expanding
-Good looking women are still relying on vaginal authority for protection from men, so you could bag a lot of mid-range bitches for sale in Morocco and a few beauties for the Israeli slave trade.
Graffiti I saw this morning that was new:
In Pink, by same hand on various buildings:
-End Civ
-Kill KKKops
In black, on side walks:
In white, on buildings
Florid gang style art is starting to get more common, but the nihilistic anthems are still the rule, with social justice themes lagging.
A police helicopter ran a tight search pattern over this garage today, for reasons unknown. Made it feel like Baltimore for a few moments, the thrill of rotors banking sharply just above tree top.
Most businesses are still doing much less then pre-covid business, exceptions being retail food, weed shops and liquor stores, indicating that many of these local service-oriented businesses are tax shelters or money laundering operations.
Mask cultism is less militant and more fashion and faux identity oriented, with the highest proportion of out doors mask wearing by Caucasians I have seen, anywhere, ever.
Portland is a great writing spot.
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