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‘A Big White Guy’
Burglarizing A First Nation Conversation: Portland 3/9/22
© 2022 James LaFond
The hoodrat sits by two native babes at a Portland bar as they discuss how dangerous their city has become.
TRI-MET is the local transit authority. The busses run four times as often as busses run in Baltimore. There is also a good light rail service. The bus stops all have shelters unlike Baltimore. What is more, where the plastic shelters in Baltimore are open towards the street, meaning that those waiting under them get splashed by passing vehicles in the rain, many shelters in Portland have the open side towards the sidewalk, protecting patrons form being drenched by passing pickup trucks.
“I’ve been elbowed on TRI-MET. This woman just elbowed me and said nothing.
“Once, I was coming to a rail platform and these three young black guys approached this big white guy that was standing there and started to attack. The big white guy started cleaning house and just beat those punks up, was chasing them around the platform. I suppose they thought he was going to be an easy time.”
“I gave up my seat once to an older woman and her husband thanked me so much, saying that no one of all the young people on TRI-MET had ever offered his wife a seat.”
“I was on the bus once when this heavy set lady mentioned how cold it was on the bus. These young girls then looked at her and one of them said, ‘You are fat. Fat people aren’t supposed to feel the cold. What’s the matter with you?”
“This is my city and I love it. But it is such a shame that it is getting so dangerous. The carjackings are terrible. They are always picking on women and Asians.”
“Once, I was o the TRI-MET and these young black girls got on the bus and yelled at us and said, ‘Do any of you motherfuckers have the time?’ Well, we were afraid, older people, whites, Asians, natives. We didn’t know what to say. They kept at it and an older man said the time and one of them said, ‘it’s a good thong one of you motherfuckers had the time!’”
“One time I was on the TRI-MET and these young blacks got on and they made this old man move and started taking his things. But this big white guy got up and straitened them out, put them in their place. Thank God for that big white guy.”
I kept my mouth shut.
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