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The Target Audience
Nicole the Brit and Don Quotays on Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
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The Target Audience
Nicole the Brit and Don Quotays on Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Thriving in Bad Places
Hello James,
I’ve just finished reading the above book, and wanted to write to say how fascinating I found it. I came across your work because I have the great pleasure and honour of training with Jeth Randolph, who clearly thinks very highly of you. I believe he is an extraordinary teacher, and that what he teaches us is very rarely found, in the UK or elsewhere. 
[The reader is a woman who had honored this hoodrat in finding some value in a book callously written for young men largely on the assumption that female elf-defense is a hopeless cause.]
I know I’m not the target audience for Thriving (being older and female), so I was really interested in your responses to his interview questions,  in his latest book, on older trainees, and issues specific to women. Thank you for that. 
[I sent the lady a copy of When You’re Food: Raw, an oral history, analysis and Q & A on bad odds encounters.]
I’m now going to go back through Thriving  and re-read in more detail. There seems to be a huge amount in it and I have the great good fortune of being able to look at some of the more relevant (to me) skills, tactics and responses with Jeth, to see which I can make work. I’ll take a look at some of the rest of your immense catalogue of work, too. 
[Thriving in Bad Places was written for The single Travel Dude website back in 2014-15.]
All the best and thanks again,
Based on your review, I ordered Mr. Randolph's book.
It arrived today, and based on skimming a few entries I'm pleased with my purchase. 
Thoughtful and practical information, directed to the reality in which we find ourselves.
Unfortunately, volume 1 is currently unavailable on the Zon.
Don Quotays
[Oh, Don, between the times when Britannia drank the Sons of Aryas and the Rise of the Scions of Wakanda, their was an age unheeded, Cuckboria: neon signs missing letters, roach-haunted East Baltimore with its jive-haunted bus stops, suburbia languid in gaslit slumber, and in the Teeming West Mondawmin—hither came Yo-man, to tread the jewelry stores and pharmacies in his sneakered feet…”]
[If one would like to know where goes this shit show, and of its mysterious origins, checkout the two titles linked below. Thank you, for this shameless shill has sent up my deteriorating spine a nameless chill, as I realize that finally my rancid soul has merged with modernity, having become one with, having become one with snivilization Under the God of Things. During my recent trick out of the Western U.S., one overarching theme of American life continued to impose itself upon this overripe meatstick: things come first, people second. To the extent that ideas are anything more than the seduction of people to give way to things and by their consumption achieve soulful reduction, the distant foe is always stressed over the friend near and the near foe is raised for worship upon the altar shrouded in the most dubious—yet pious—veneer.]
It is this person’s belief that Modernity may best be improved by the introduction of machete wielding hordes of kangly humanity possessed of the highest possible—time preference!
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