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Hiding among the Covidians: Saffrono, New Jersey 6/1/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
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That showed up on Flip the Hero Phone—a black phone don’t you know—today. This helped me to put in context the following text from a fellow writer I received the other night.
[Redacted extensive framing of a mass shooting, one of many that Americans care so much about for so briefly that these events are constantly redone…]
“Question?: how did this family get out of jail—unless they are actually incarcerated currently and were granted immunity to participate in this hoax? I found no evidence of the existence of the killer himself. Or that his alleged mother [redacted] ever had a child. If you know of anyone who is a writer or researcher who might benefit, let me know. I am not doing well financially and trying to find ways to make money online with my skill set as translator and my background in intel collection and analysis.”
Sunday, May 29, 12:15 A.M.
-Jack of Small Trade
For the past ten years many mentally ill young men have been used by Creep State actors to commit killings and/or framed for same. I would recognize such an event as a hoax even if numerous people were killed, as dead bodies make the best plot device artifice in the hands of the state-level media director. Everything woven in false narrative around these bodies will literally reek of the authentic and key into the undermind of Modernity, an undermind that was cultivated almost entirely through fictional TV and movie narratives. The two primary narration schemes were and are, in movies and TV:
-Crime and its fighting, with 90%-plus of empathy behind The Good Guys, of Law Enforcement
-Medicine and its miracle working, with the constant theme being the moral authority of The Doctor [1]
The two narrative forms are coming together in real time as I against the grain write.
As for making money investigating such hoax’s, if such a hoax were exposed the investigator MUST be killed-convicted-or discredited and tabooed, because not only the Smart Money [literally the Intel Community Investment] but most of the money is behind the hoax. The way to make money on the hoax industry, which is a huge business that is growing and has greater potential for controlling humanity than all previous war machines devised, is to get in on the hoax, to work for the Creep State Complex, which is ever expanding and privatizing as well.
Moving often in the east brings this writer into contact with actuality, with reality, with fact and life, with humanity, which is to say the myriad ever-present enemies of the Creep State of Media, of Academia, of Medicine and Law Enforcement, which are all entities dedicated to Lie Farming, to existing in a super-imposed human construct. I am therefore hiding out away from people, the news, police, doctors, vaxxers and so-forth, trying to write history and fiction, rather than deconstructing the fiction that is being overwritten upon current reality, obscuring the living even as they exhale. I hope to never address another lie, deconstruct another false narrative: it is pointless, because most of our fellows wish only to be lied to.
Additionally, as I travel, I am being ever met by people who are fighting against the looming insanity that is being cast down from the electric towers of control to gaslight us into obedience or madness. Talking to people is becoming a psychotic minefield, a high-energy tiptoeing among the meat tulips as they try not to admit that they are the objects of consumption, striving ever to imagine that the wolves that stalk their quivering fold are benevolent sheepdogs dedicated to their survival; pretending always that the torture rack of social control is a therapeutic force for good, denying the mechanisms of their own inquisition even as they suffer and spin into madness unmanning.
Jack, we live in a world where the occupants cannot look at someone that is brown and not insist they are black, at a person who is tan and call her yellow, who is beige and call him white. Even in contrast this cannot be seen, as the color of the brown man’s hair is in fact black and obviously darker than his skin, and the color of the beige man’s shirt is often white, five shades lighter then his skin, and yet he is thought to be the color of picket fence paint. We are very close to living in a world where we will look heavenward and see storm clouds dumping upon us rain, and then glance at our palm phone and see the sun shining brightly and insist, that we are standing beneath sunny skies.
I write for a time beyond this time, when people might once again see a blue sky and name it blue, instead of insisting it is of some other hue. It is a good time to be writing American History, for it has not been written before, the all of it a lie. As well, what a grand time to write honest fiction, peopled by real characters—even if imaginary—making the mistakes and takes of real actionists, rather than writing about the Fearscape we now have, stalked by mental patients and medical patents alike.
I sign off here with six days and 11 chapters left to write in Cox & Swain, and would thank my dear hosts, Mary Biscotti and Manny Saffrono for their generosity. My small online computer is dead—left with only this writing machine. Until July I should be free to write that and another novel, one hopes and attempt not to address the unreality supposed to be reality.
It is storming outside, you know, but like the storm last night, it is not happening, and is verily against the Newslaw, for the Newslaw says it is sunny today…
Perhaps I did not clean out that rain gutter over the deck this morning, perhaps that was a delusion? It had to be, for it did not rain the Newslaw says, and the ground only appears wet the Newslaw says...
Wednesday, June 1 2022, Saffrono, New Jersey
1. Doctor is a term originally coined to denote a master of indoctrinated theology, an ideological herdsman of the larger and lesser collective mind, a Thought Farmer: planter, weeder, reaper and strain breeder. The attachment of Doctor to medical practice is rather recent, and now, in this age of medical-ideological induction, is beginning to make sense as a long gravitational arc out of a demon-haunted world and into a science-haunted world.
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