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The Tower of the Elephant by Jason Lenox
© 2014 James LaFond
Jason Lenox’s illustration of Conan in The Tower of the Elephant has appeared in Dark Horse’s June issue of Conan the Conqueror #5, as a color piece on the letters page.
Jason actually researched this piece. Indeed we met when he was mining my review of The Tower of The Elephant story. His piece is very illustrative of an aspect of the story that was also used by Howard as a metaphor for his Hyborian world.
One of the coolest things about writing and reading fantasy is that as soon as the story is established artist’s like Jason are called upon to interpret it as a reality, keeping the fictional setting alive and enriching it at the same time. Working with artists as a writer is a really eye-opening experience when you find out that there research requirements for fiction are higher than yours.
Check out The Tower of the Elephant in Dark Horse’s Conan the Conqueror #5.
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