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The Eaters Bark
Adult Bullying Part 1 of 3
© 2022 James LaFond
MIT Cues the Crackpot on Down Under Destiny: 7/15/2022
Jul 11, 2022, 10:08 PM (4 days ago)
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Mr Lafond,
Its been a while since we've corresponded but I've been reading everything you write. Im happy that you are still alive to see the collapse of sissy dom. It must be a breath of fresh air to see this whole shit show unravel.
[‘I told you so,’ has its own inestimable value for me, just like ‘now’ has its own value to Tyrone and Jerome down at the bus stop.]
I'm writing to you to ask to your advice on a particular personal issue that i've not been able to resolve. 
[Hence a pseudonymonous identity has its proper place.]
As i've mentioned in previous emails, I'm going through an extensive orthodontic process to remodel my face into its genetic potential. I'd estimate im about 40-45% of the way there. I am hoping to complete this before the system disintegrates but I can't be sure. fortunately in down under we are relatively isolated from the coming chaos, and our biggest danger is our own tyrannical regime. 
[Such regimes do seem to be good for medicine. I have three friends that are rushing to get joint replacements and dental work done before they have to resign in the face of the next round of mandatory genetic waxxing.]
China is a threat, but I understand they are an ineffective as an expedition force and poor at logistics. I would expect to seem them make a move against Taiwan and likely waste most of their best men and equipment before collapsing internally. A country that needs 20% of its manpower to police its own citizens is unlikely to be able to mount a good offence. Plus they have never been a conquering nation and are riddled with corruption.
[Expect American style economic colonization from the Chinks minus the spates of carpet bombing. The biggest Chinese threat would be your own government hiring Chink military contractors to put down an uprising. The Chinks are none of your concern. Your life is more important than the national fate of Australia. Australians, I wager, are your problem. Hell, buy a Thai bride.]
So as I see it, the biggest disruption to the australian dream will be a crash of the housing market. Mass migration from south east asia is on the cards but I think that is a few years off. 
[My money man told me that a housing market crash in the U.S. is imminent.]
This interlude is to say, I think I can be somewhat insulated from the ensuing chaos while i build myself up.
Im still doing the biomechanics training I discussed with you previously, and am feeling better than ever in my 30s. As I missed the chance to have a prime in my youth due to illness and degeneration, I am trying to overcome that now. I can only work towards improving as I get older, which I am doing through a variety of methods including eating organic food, not drinking/smoking/doing drugs etc and correcting my biomechanics to build more symmetry and athletic capability.
[Western men in their 30s who do this are an entire grade superior to slothful eaters in their 20s. Your date of birth is a baseline testosterone advantage. I am currently outlasting 28-year olds in boxing sparring and I am 59 and never had a prime as I was seriously injured from work from age 20 thru 35, just limping through life. Almost all of my fights were had since 1998 and I was born in 1963.]
Its working. Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I believe my prime is yet to come. I've completely eliminated lower back pain and am able to work construction and train without injury. As a result of decompressing my spine I've actually grown in height to 5'10. I'm still light wieght at 68kg, but I believe I will reach mid 70's eventually.
[Lighter weight is ideal for punching and weapon handling. Don’t try and bulk up. Work on hand, grip and forearm strength dynamically and therapeutically. I gained forearm mass into my 50s.]
As for training, I'm doing muay thai, wrestling, boxing and bjj. I'm loving every second of it, particularly the wrestling. I cannot spar with intensity, as the structure of my face wont allow it, but I can go lightly and that is enough to learn in a real environment. 
[Volunteer to be the pad holder for Muay Thai drills, wearing the belly pad, holding a kick shield, to get your body and spine conditioned to the contact that your face cannot handle. Talk to your coach about making some of your workout as his helper in these drills.]
Eventually I would like to compete in mma, when the orthodontics are finished. I believe my wrestling would be my go to, using the striking as a way to close the distance. I think this would be best way to fight whether in an arena or on the footpath. 
[That is a great goal. Amateur MMA, like college wrestling, is at the same skill level as pro boxing and the injury profile is less severe.]
Additionally, I'm learning to dance (contemporary and hiphop) which is really improving my overall fluidity. I try to combine shadowboxing with this to mimick the movements and train the muscle memory.
[Transition to doing shadow knife with a blunt, moving as if you are defending against multiple attackers with a knife.]
Essentially I'm doing everything I can to reach my goals, but I'm getting stuck.
In the last few weeks, I've been told to my face (by brutes) that they would rape if i was in jail.
[Men in grappling arts often fantasize about raping smaller men. They are also terrified of weaponry. Pro level BJJ men cringe in terror when my old ass gets on the mat tap-sparring with a fellow butcher.]
This prospect of being dominated terrifies me. 
[The blade, the blade, the blade. Make poly propylene shanks and knives, make wooden shanks, make knives of scrap steel, become a butcher in your mind. Larger men that behave so deserve the point or the edge. If this shit is happening where you are training, find another venue. They might not try and rape you, but they will continue to seek to corrode you through invalidation and will do little things to sabatoge you. These insult-threats are probably based on their jealousy over your work ethic. If you have the same coach, he has probably compared them to you unfavorably in some skill or work rate context. If this happened in a gym where I coached I would insist on a no gear stick fight with the offender and break his fucking hands. Again, if these chimps know that you are training weapons, they will think again. Such men carry a deep fear of domination, deeper than your own.]
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