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Bodega Butcher
Crux Cross Cues the Crackpot on His Latino Spirit Animal: 7/15/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Knife Use in Bodega Video
think you might find this interesting:
What I found noteworthy —and maybe this can be a test for me regarding my level of learning:
Bodega Worker (BW) after getting pushed, basically chills out. Is he being submissive? Yes, but he’s also being cool and biding his time. Why do that? Well, one, although BW looks to have some possible social credit type points as a southeast asian, he might be doing the wise thing given the calculation that the Righteous Customer (RC) appears to be of the near highest oppressed/privileged class. So, is BW doing the wise thing by letting RC get the first assault in? 
Also, RC appears young, quick, agile. BW not so much. So as a result of the first physical interaction (note the non-judgmental term), BW ends up in a disadvantaged physical position, down and leaning against a shelf. 
BW is so cool he lets the RC talk a bit, and also lets Innocent Bystander White Lady Customer (IBWlC) somewhat distract the RC in his Righteous Complaining —so much so that RC actually turns to address IBWIC.
Note: Never let it be said IBWIC’s don’t serve a good purpose, even if by accident.
Anyway so much for me trying to be a smart aleck: what did you think of the hand moves? I’m seeing BW grapple or ‘check” RC’s left shoulder; I’m seeing RC SEE that BW has or is reaching for a weapon/knife and that said knife/weapon is being retreieved by BW from BW’s right side in BW’s right arm. 
Then —i’m Not clear about this after only a couple of replays, but because BW has a firm enough grip on RC’s left shoulder, BW is able to prevent RC from using either his left or right arm to stop the overhand left to RC’s unguarded neck.
RC either cannot or did not know how to use his right or left to stop the single  —I’m tempted to call it shot but of course it would be a stab, to a maximially lethal area —his left jugular?
Am I reading this right?
I think the most noteworthy parts would be the 
(a) cool under pressure
(b) body work in a confined space
(c) successful use of the left hand to opponent’s left shoulder check to allow the retrieval and over shoulder use of he weapon.
Note: none of this should be construed as approval of any of the possibly illegal or immoral activity depicted in the NY Post report video. 
-Crux Cross
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