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The Husband in Post Modernity
Teutonic Fist and the Crack Pot Revisit Slave Soldiering: 8/1/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Teutonic Fist, 8/1/2022
Yesterday there was another Story which is quite remarkable.
Officer from Volgograd, thats Stalingrad by the way, bits the bullet in Ukraine and now his family is having a legal dispute for the money because the aunt of the deceased pocketed all for herself.
The sum is 12 Million rubles, which to the moment of writing translates to 205.127,88 USD. Volgograd is the russian city with the lowest average income of just 38 000 Rubles per month, around 650 USD.
There is no way in hell an average worker could amass the sum of 12 million rubles by working, while for the family its now about the 26 yearly wages.
You remember the reports from the Afghanistan war that Afghan Villagers would stage NATO attacks or frame unbeloved family members deaths so that the US would just pay them compensation?
This is how it goes in peasant societies. All these NEETs with their pathetic peasant fantasies about having a Trad Wife and a Wheat Field are the ones that would get sold by their Peasant Dad to the Hessian Mercenary Army.
There is/was a saying in germany among the peasantr; "One for the Farm, one for the Church, one for the war" in regard to having many sons. 
The urban poor have no farms, they have no church, they sell their firstborn to the war for 26 yearly wages.
It is unprecedented in russia, probably in all of human history, that a state would pay that much for blood and soldiers that in the past they simply took by force.
This is fascinating news and reminds one cracked mind of a few historical facts about soldiering.
A husband is “house bound” a hostage to the hierarchy. He and his wife take turns being held by the state as an assurance of good behavior by the other. The soldier that is sent away and deserts, cannot expect good treatment for his wife and children. In Gilgamesh, the people of Uruk wailed to heaven in a dirge about how the king took sons from their fathers and wives from their husbands, our most ancient complaint.
Soldiers, while historically less effective then warriors, spread civilization around the world at tee expense of barbarism. The dynamic was this, as Chiksisa of the Shawnee said to his brother Tecumseh in a letter, very nicely written, which I will paraphrase from reading it 30 years ago, “When a white is killed, others step up to take his place. When an Indian is killed it makes gap in our people and leaves a sorrow in our heart.”
When a soldier is sent away the government that sent him hopes he dies or does not return. The Romans feared nothing more than the triumphant return of the legion under its commander. Hence the parade was developed as a way of emasculating the soldier and humbling him, placing him in a social ambush setting. The same fools that believe that street demonstrations and social grievance marches serve them rather than their masters also believes that the government loves the soldier that its ends off to die.
That such ill-treated soldiers eventually fail at their tasks as their conditions and mythos fails them. Such soldiers are replaced by mercenaries with limited loyalty that will eventually turn on the system management and reboot the corruption at a lower and more honest arc in the trajectory of state power.
Finally, the most common activity of parents, historically, in European history, was the selling of their children. This process actually created the United States of America, built by millions of now erased souls, the credit for this suffering and toil having been transferred to their Africa replacements.
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