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The Road to Faggotron
Musings on Mass Emasculation: 10/3/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
“We lose a part of ourselves when we refuse to remember. Without memory, who are we?”
-Andreas “Bull” Hansen 10/3/2022
This morning, as Bob and I viewed the Norwegian strong man making tea in the rain and discussing the mysterious rise in mortality across Europe since the Shamdemic ended, Bob offered:
“I remember working and coming into the office after repairing water mains on the road, in the snow, and you could see the office ladies’ footprint in the snow. Dave and I would shovel that off and go into the office, where there were more so-called ‘men’ who were managers sitting around than us guys doing the road work. The women would thank us and say, ‘Well, we know where the men are, and they aren’t in this office.’
“Then, we run our own trash, clean our work area, and here come the Mexicans, hired to clean the managers’ office, because the managers all had overflowing trash cans and never cleaned their own desks. It was never lost on me that those same back-stabbing pricks that were such thieves and sissies would always refuse to clean up their own mess and invented jobs that wasted money to keep from getting their soft hands dirty.”
I too noted, through my entire working life that the same men who were sissy, who would not fight, who were back-stabbers and liars and slackers—who acted like women—usually refused to clean up the mess they generated and were of two types:
-1. College educated ghost men or students,
-2. Gawdly Kangs on the other end of the economic and educational spectrum
This elitist hands-off behavior has been supported by top managers and business owners in my life, and even a business owner and college professor who advised me on my resume when I was considering doing consulting work.
When I became a night captain, my boss, Mister Len, told me that I was never to sweep a floor, swing a mop or make a bail, that he paid me too much to do menial work and I was there to “stand over the crew and make them work.”
I found that this managerial attitude was toxic to crew productivity, that men with the mind set to work and pull their weight, liked a supervisor who led by example.
Then, the professor, who owned a construction business and had worked his way op from concrete pouring and finishing to ownership and was advising me on consulting work, told me to delete my manual labor jobs from the resume, because “Management would never trust you to interact with the work force if you identify as a worker.”
This seems to go hand in hand with the entire American Myth, that ghost men sat enthroned and directed African men to build the nation, and that both races are, due to this ancestral crime, above labor, and that only other races of people are socially suitable for working with their hands.
Of interest to me, is the fact that among fighting men, the bravest come from these laboring races and the cowardly hail from ebony and ivory loins and wombs.
In terms of culture, the men who behave most like our ancestors in this nation are not of the ghost devil race or the dark angel race, but mestizos, who, per capita are most likely to walk to the liquor store when without a car, rather then beg a lift from a motorist, most likely to treat elders with respect, most likely to defend themselves rather than call the police to do it…
Ghost men who are mugged beg their gawdly kangs for mercy rather than fight and gawdly kangs who try and mug me and fail, get on the phone to the police for help…
I do not place a single, mechanism to blame for the massive emasculation of American manhood. However, it seems of interest to me that American Myth portrays every man of European descent as a master who sat a horse or porch and gave orders to African men, and every African a working machine that built every portion of this nation.
Furthermore, is the myth that police forces were created to put the boot to the African on behalf of the ghostly master race, believed by both races. In fact, police forces were instituted to put the boot on the industrial European American who was forced to labor without pay in mines and on prison plantations as of 1965. That these police forces originated with jailers who used to roam the countryside and towns to round up runaway servants, and that these police forces evolved into armies of occupation in post-industrial cities that protected imported African criminals from counter attacks by urban ghosts [1] is denied by all.
We now sit surprised, at the end of masculine time, where kangs are above the law and ghosts are running from the law [2]. But this surprise is only possible among a mass mind that has no memory of the truth, that the people who built this country as 3 in 4 died, where displaced by imported slaves from a darker place, who multiplied from 2 to 20 while producing very little other then chasing the ghostly trash from the hallowed precincts of the white elite.
We don’t even know who built this country and wonder limp-wristed and soft-dicked at why it is falling apart. A third of young men are celibate and another third want to have their penis inverted so that they can be used like women. I suspect that this is a lack of collective memory, exasperated by the implantation of false memory, making us not even ourselves, but some ghost peopling another mind’s dark fantasy.
-1. Cracker-Boy gives the demographic facts
-2. I spoke with the son of a retired law officer yesterday, who told me that his dad goes to a retirement party for an old comrade almost every week, and that all of these newly retired cops, most of whom thought they would be staying in law enforcement, are now shocked that they were so completely duped. They are retiring in droves because they now realize that their future purpose is to round up their own kind for thought crimes. This deception was the chief reason for the Drug War, to militarize the police and inculcate a two-way ethic of color versus police, even as the war caused hyper-supply of drugs to civilian ghosts to emasculate them. This was necessary to cover up the history of policing, that from 1775 thru 1975, that American policing was Blue on White. So the Drug War prosecuted from 1985-2019 set a Blue versus Black narrative that could be used, in the shadows of Shamdemicide, to call for a reversal of the recent law enforcement enemy, back to the traditional prey of police, working class palefaces. [3]
-3. See The Road, Jack London, the biographies of Bill Carlisle and Jack Black and Carl Panzram and The Gangs of New York, The French Quarter and The Barbary Coast by Herbert Asbury, and history of Coal and Iron Police in Pennsylvania and west Virginia from 1865 through 1935, for a true picture of police purpose in Industrializing America up until WWII when the boot came off of the pale American neck to be applied to the pale Euro-Centric neck.
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