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The Name
Tales of Domestic Use From Devil Dick 10.16: 11/11/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Devil Dick has been one of my most interesting correspondents and I will miss his input. Dick, feel free to call or text at 443 686 0598. Lynn Titled this email Sexual Oversharing.
I am inclined to let Devil Dick stand on his own here, as this is kind of a moniker origins story. A brilliant and fierce woman in Manhattan, who had worked on the original Trump campaign, and who called Trump, “Donald,” once explained to me how important a nick name was to a New Yorker. In this world it is the only real name we get and the blacks used to call that name our “government name” and still lead the identity starved pack in nick names.
I will relate the dispensing of one nick name to a very cute woman, a married woman who would knock on my door every Monday and Thursday back when I was a forty-something man whore. As she walked in and peeled off her dress she’d give me a time that she had to go, trusting me to ravish and release her on time to her husband.
One day she forgot to give a time and I decided to keep her. Hours later, she cuddled in post coital bliss and was musing over my various nick names:
-Captain Freon [Jack & Jill ice cream and Eddies of North Charles Street]
-Jammin Jim [Edy’s Ice Cream]
-Diamond Jim [Geresbecks market]
-Jambo [Basics #33]
-The Fucking Hippy [Eastpoint Metro]
-The Snake [Bi-Rite]
-The White Devil [Bi-Rite]
-Cave Boy [Crack dealers at the bus stop at Coldspring and Harford]
-Captain Caveman [Shoppers #48]
-Diablo Mano [Mexican landscapers who watched me stick fight]
-Baby Cakes, Sugar, Shug, Jay, Jay-Babe, etc., bestowed upon me by her
She then asked me, “So, Jay-Babe, what would my Indian Name be?”
I grinned and said, “Fuck-and-run.”
Her big brown eyes then went wide and she turned and looked at the clock that marked her dalliance at 3.9 hours rather than the standard 2 hours, and said, “You mother fucker!”
She went wiggling up the stairs in her leather dress, minus the panties and lace bra, and I reminded, “I know you bought it for me, but tell him you were out shopping for him…”
She called me up the next morning, “Well, it worked Jay—I feel like I just gave birth—you son of a bitch!”
“I’ll see you, Thursday, Babe,” I said as I hung up.
Come Thursday she was standing at the door, “You son of a bitch!” and was already unhooking her halter top…
Okay, so that is the story of Fuck-and-run, the slut Irish Indian...
Here is Devil Dick’s origin tale, a story I really like and which has a happy ending.
Hey James,
I saw you summoned me in your article hyper hierarchical dementia so I have answered. Recently I left the girl I thought I was going to marry, she was the one who gave me the name devil dick. 
She was half black half white, the father black the mother white. The pairing didn't quite make sense to me until later, I believe it's the same reason lots of these white women own pitbulls. They want something "dangerous" that's easily controlled and will obey them.
Well I was viewed initially by her apparently as "ghetto like her father" cause I posted a picture of me with a machete shirtless in the bushes doing the thumbs up on tinder, a dating app, because I thought it was funny and didn't care what women think is appealing. I made some comments about her having child rearing hips and that I should impregnate her. At the time I was thinking of that Venus of Willendorf statue as the ideal woman so meant this as a compliment though I think she took this literally. Anyways eventually I ended up getting in a relationship with her since she wanted one and I had my fill of tons of sex.
Problems started to rise up as she would constantly feel the need to call me a bitch or something else embarrassing in public whenever she got the chance in front of others. In fact one time when I was visiting her place, she told her mom she could sell me as a sex slave if she wanted to. She even once said that I could have power in the bedroom but she'd have power in the relationship. Once she even called me a gigolo out of the blue.  I never thought much of it.
Anyways it kept getting worse since I was no longer the strong guy who was putting the devil in all these women, I had become Mediocre physically as I tried to shift my attention to rushing through college to get a good paying job as quickly as possible. You could call me angel dick. One day on her couch she’s on the phone with her guy friend and at the end says "I’m just a hole."
She then began to make comments about me being weak and comparing me to this guy saying he’s stronger than me. Later that same week she came over to my apartment and when she asked if she was my cat’s mom, I said my mom's the cats mom and she could be the aunt. She got offended at this and started bullying my cat. Then in bed she said I was the guy she had done the least for sexually, and when I came quickly for my standards, she demanded I eat her out. Then later she threw a shoe at my head.
I started to feel like Enkidu suckered into this relationship by this whorebag hole, having left what I used to do for this idiot. I then decided to treat her like dogshit. I used her like "a hole" and started making fun of her. I also cheated on her with some virgins. Later she would start trying to control me by withholding sex. I managed to seduce her even though she was angry one day and while I had her legs in the air she said something like "it's not fair you use your devil dick when I'm angry with you" and she stopped midway. 
On a side note: I believe what she meant by her comment about other doing more for other guys was I never really enjoyed blowjobs or her doing much in bed since I did most of the work and I guess she felt useless. I learned from this mistake and am respecting woman with this new girl by telling her after I'm done fucking her I'd like her to cook me food naked in an apron and give me a blowjob.
Now how does this relate white guys seeming obsession with Jamal and Tyrone. Well, it's obvious to me that her mother viewed her black father as something to domesticate and use to claim "ghettoness" and "blackness" for herself when she would have otherwise just been some annoying church white lady, but through her children not herself, though i doubt many women see the difference. Well now the daughter who is mixed race has all the moralizing behavior of a white woman (she started talking to me about toxic masculinity) with the "benefits" of being black socially. She gets to pretend to be ghetto and all this other stuff while still being a liberal asshole.
When you said "do the anglos.....cognitively colonize and steel their african physical forms use against their lesser European underraces", the answer is yes. The fact some mixed woman said she could sell me into slavery if she felt like it to her white mom since I'm Latino, one of these lesser mutt underraces, I think proves as much. Maybe then our daughter would have sought an even more obscure race of people to ruin with this gay bullshit.
Just like shamhat she was really just a whore priestess for the ideology these white assholes believe in, and I do consider her white even though she's mixed. In her I see what her mom couldn't do as a white woman, allowed to be done by this color of people while still pushing all the dumb beliefs these people have. It's why she viewed men, including me, as just something to use like most white women do. I just happened to give her the devil dick I didn't know I had which made this creature return to its primal being, before it turned back into the socially and genetically engineered white woman in a black body her mother created her for after it became more angelic. So I'm returning to my old ways, to conquer woman kind with her legs in the air and their cries of unfair.
- Devil Dick
Dick, get your name changed legally, first and middle and move your current first name to the third. I like the ring, like a pirate captain.
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Ruben     May 17, 2023

Fnck yeah .... Loving this. DD is da man. Thanks for sharing!
nc     May 21, 2023

Burn the coal = pay the toll
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