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Old Time Bitches and Babes
Woman’s Duty: Part 3 of 3: 2/17/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Old Time Bitches and Babes
I have discarded the idea of bitch and babe ratings.
All dates are A.D.
Queen Eleanor
Daughter of a King, wife to a king and mother to two Kings, this woman served as a moderating influence on the four kings in her life. See Eleanor of Acquitaine and the Four Kings, 1990s, author forgotten. Her sons, Kings Richard The Lion-hearted and John, signer of the Magna Carta, gave us that evil document, Robin Hood and came down to us smelling better then they should, in part thanks to her.
Mother and Wife of the Mongols
The mother of the man that conquered most of the known world and has some 200 million descendants, was a widow, her husband murdered by tribal enemies. She famously told her sons that a bundle of arrows was harder to break than an arrow on its own and admonished them to high cooperation. Tamejun slew his brother so that he could use kinship ties based on merit rather than birth to build the best war horde in human history. His wife would infamously consent to being humped by enemies in order to facilitate his escape from bondage.
Joan of Arc
The Maid of Orleans showed how a feminine figure can inspire the hardest men when they are about to quit their cause. Despite modern fantasy, such as the Deadliest Warrior episode where she is anachronistically pitted against William the Conqueror, she was not a fighter, but a face first cheer leader who paid the ultimate price for her cause.
Queen Isabella
This woman negotiated her own marriage with King Ferdinand, a political equal, to expand her domain. It was she, rather than her husband, who consented to Chistobol Columbo’s voyage, at almost no cost. His voyage would result in a windfall of so much gold and silver that Spain would become the most powerful nation in the world for a hundred years.
Queen Elizabeth & Lady of Caftochequi
The daughter of sex fiend and wife killer Henry Eighth saw first hand what happened to a woman in a man’s power, and used her virgin status to gain the support of a nation in war against a Spanish king who wanted to rape her. This was done largely by the extreme risk taking behavior of her Sea Dogs, who were pirate kings in their own right who took terrible risks and gained a world wide empire, in large part, in an attempt to win her hand in marriage.
The most savage conquistador to serve the Spaniards invaded what would become South Carolina at the head of an unstoppable army. One tribe famous for pearls was ruled by a queen. She was found by the Spanish to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She went along with Soto, risking rape, avoiding ruinous war for her tribe, and was then rescued by her warriors from a thicket she retired into with her maid to bathe.
This young lady, the favorite daughter of the most powerful King of what became Virginia, gained valuable time for her people to slow their conquest by the English through marriage, a marriage that took her back to disease ridden England to die as Mrs. Rolph. Her children and grandchildren would thrive for some time in Virginia. She served her father, gained the admiration of the most able enemy warrior, John Smith, and married the most level-headed enemy, Rolph, saving her people from extermination, it seems, on her own initiative.
Queen Anne
The War of Queen Anne’s Revenge and the naming of the best pirate ship ever by her captain Black Beard, The Queen Anne’s Revenge, is another example of how important feminine approval is to the Anglo-Aryаn mind, which is the mind that conquered the greatest portion of the globe.
Shawnee: Grenadier Squaw and Tecumseh’s Mamma
Tecumseh’s mother had three sons, one a famous war chief, one a prophet and one a pan-Tribal leader, her husband and two of her sons would all doe fighting the Americans. Her people largely survived demographically and historically due to their efforts. We do not know what her actions were, but her sons all took up the father’s cause. Either she or her husband, Puckinswa, where genetically European, as Tecumseh was reportedly indistinguishable from a “white boy,” and her eldest son, Chicksiska wrote in fluent English.
The Shawnee tribe split down the middle over the American question.
The Grenadier Squaw was a big woman, who sounds very much as if she was a European wife to a tribal leader. She defected from the Shawnee cause and advocated alliance with the Americans, in which case she certainly saved some lives as she managed her own fort under American protection.
Dragging Canoe’s Wife
Circa 1800
The widow of an anti-American warrior who died in combat, was said to have picked up his gun and kept fighting. This is doubtful. She, like him, were genetically European. She is said to have pioneered dairy farming among the Cherokee, at the same time in the frontier experience when her people were regarded as enemies of the Black Sacks, who were the chief enemies of American expansion. It seems as if her people, who, despite the trials of the Trail of Tears, has had more success surviving and expanding and assimilating into American life than any other tribe—bar none—benefited from her acting differently than her husband after his passing, and that she did so without dishonoring him.
Plains Indian Women: Lakota, Crow, Blackfeet, Shoshone
A Lakota woman famously goaded her “toxically masculine” [1] men into going to war with the Crow over her son’s death. The Crow, spurred on by the approval and dependence of their non-combatant women, kicked the shit out of the more numerous Lakota and their numerous allies.
In one battle the Blackfeet warriors, outnumbered, skirmished with a more numerous enemy while their women evacuated the children and built fortifications for them to fight behind. Having these influential women was a boon and a burden, as the Blackfeet women would eventually betray the warriors to Jesuit missionaries even as drunk chiefs sold out the war chiefs.
Shoshone women acted in a strictly supportive role, even bringing children into the world who would become men, fathered by men of other tribes, such as Washaki, who would return to his people and protect them. Washaki was the most successful tribal chief in North America, ruling for 60 years as both war chief and peace chief, even after cussing to the U.S. Congress “God damn a potato,” and keeping a higher portion of native land per their numbers than most tribes.
Queen Victoria, Cսnt of Ages
This woman followed the example of Queen Elizabeth, using her prudish sterility to inspire godly men like Chinese Gordon to crusade around the world in a puritanical zeal unimaginable to the old Sea Dogs of 300 years earlier. As a human being, this bitch was a terrible woman and waist of a womb. She even had a great sled dog breed reduced to a tiny insane size so she could have a lap dog. However, no woman has done more to prove the power of pure vaginal authority over the minds of high functioning men like this frigid political whore.
Overall, the purpose of this discussion, as part of the Aryаs Project, is to point out that women have a natural moral authority within the minds of men of all types, to include the best and the worst among us. And that a woman could, by avoiding the pitfall of feminism, which pits men and women against each other, and destroys that moral authority most ruinously in the minds of high-functioning men while appealing the most to low-functioning men, that a woman may cultivate a supportive relationship with a man that will seem to be to his benefit, but in fact benefit them both beyond what they could manage on their own or in congress with a lesser type of their opposite.
-1. Lakota women were allowed no say in government and were property of their men. The Lakota made fun of the Crow for letting some women take part in tribal councils. Crow women also whored themselves out to Americans to acquire military equipment and intelligence for their husbands.
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