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Alpha to Omega
Addendum to a Woman’s Duty: 2/20/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
This morning, as we weather another military vax plague in the Cascades [1], the Captain’s Wife was asking about joint injuries and why tall men seem so much more afflicted with these. She had also noted that tall men in her husband’s business, The Captain being average height, not short like me, get promoted to management at a rate out of line with their knowledge of high rise construction, for which they rely on her husband. I noted in the midst the week long deluge that she had a man who could build an ark to float us off in. I then thought of my vocation and avocation.
In combat sports champions are usually as tall for their weight as can be managed. Their coaches and trainers, their advisors and tricksters and planner, are conversely small, almost always short. This reflects the Alpha Omega relationship of Achilles and Odysseus. Achilles dies frontally assaulting a gate. Odysseus has Epeus, the boxer, build the Trojan Horse and get them secretly inside the gate. Achilles would have never stood for pretending to be a beggar at the gates of his own house as Odysseus did and would have been slain by a mob before his wife. Odysseus survived on the sly and rose to slaughter the men who had besieged his house in his long absence.
Odysseus, one might say, is the modern American special operations or combat soldier, who goes overseas to serve U.S.G. and then returns from a war he was not permitted to win and is rated a second class citizen behind the refugees and criminals imported from outside the country, and is regarded with distaste and contempt by the men who stayed at home to enjoy the security of a homeland that is then hierarchically closed to the returning warrior.
Odysseus did consult Achilles among the doomed shades of the underworld when he did so visit the shadows of the past on his journey.
Retail Food
To my vocation, stocking groceries. I worked for some 50 Store Directors and for 4 years was a Store Director myself. This is sometimes called a General Manager or Manager, particularly in small operations. But in big chain outfits the real management job is done above store level and the Store Director simply implements decisions from higher up.
I was one of only 5 Store Directors that were below average height, with two of these being women. That is 10%. The women were processed though to headquarters jobs, as was Lou, the best Store Director in Maryland of the 1970s and 80s. Bart was the best director of the 1990s and was defrocked for standing on principal. Those two men recruited me. Store directors are on average 6’ 2” while the staff they are drawn from is on average 5’ 6” shorter than normal run by taller than normal. The most dynamic genius in Retail Food was John Ryder, 5’ 7” Nazi Grocer. The comedy of seeing tall men in suits, bend to hear what he had to say as he chewed them out, threatened them, called them “motherfucker” and generally treated them like Gestapo Major Hocksteader treated Colonel Klink in Hogans heroes, was outrageous. We loved it. One lady even called the cops on John Ryder when, as a customer, she saw him calling the tall black store director, John Garret, a nice guy “about as smart as a box of rocks,” a “piece-of-shit,” actually calling in a hate crime! John begged the cops not to get him fired!
Alpha and Omega
I explained to the Captain’s Wife, an absolute babe, [2] that even short men and median tall men, such as me and her man, feel better with tall leaders. The pat on the back coming from above does not cling awkwardly. The respectful approval coming from on high, feels better when delivered by a big man. That big man, who in the long ago would have been the chief, taking the center of the battle line, while we, the cunning tricksters that fought on the flanks, served to advise him against the tricks of the enemy and keep his back free from the daggers of his rivals, is an echo down from earlier times. He is a flag of sorts, a big target for bad shit to stick to in a management setting. The tall Orange Man, served this role well from 216 thru today, serving both his lovers and haters as a lightning rod. Conversely, the short man who rules the third tier nation of The Czars, such cunning men, have more staying power in a feminized world so far from the ideals of heroism that the hero is now simply cast as a missfortunate victim of circumstance.
The Good Woman’s role in such a matrix is, I should think, to identify what kind of High Emotional Functioning man, Alpha or Omega, she can best help make his way in the world. She should be his ship, with him providing the sails and the rudder, power and direction. If cruel Fate—a bitch don’t you know—dooms her to pick from among the meat bin of the Beta males, then she should pick the best of these, with the truest heart, and advise him on attaching himself to the types of Alphas and Omegas who value him rather than despise him for being the natural follower that he is.
At all costs, she should steer him a way from female leadership and other Betas who wish for him to join their collective. This is the trap of ideology for the follower, that he falls into the ideas of others and accepts them as his own.
Such a woman should be a babe, primarily supportive. [2] The following is the key to understanding the Beta male, the masculine follower. He is not emotionally functional, not internally disciplined. He is the drum that beats to the tune of the Alpha, and/or the mirror that reflects the ideas of the Omega. He is a tool. Hence, the most common term applied to him in the wonderful white picket fence of the Beta Male Cultivation Project called 1950s America, was employee, French for tool.
Odysseus, an Alpha-Omega hybrid, being the Omega male among the other Alphas, upon his return to Ithaka, recruits 3 low-functioning Alpha males stuck in Beta roles by the slave matrix as his warriors and defeats the teeming suitors. The modern woman who must settle for a Beta male, her task is to help use her intuition and observation to warn her man against falling in line behind the Suitors, as well as not following Achilles to the gate to be slaughtered. The wife of a Beta has the job of the boxing coach whose fighter is slower and does not hit as hard as his foes. Support in the corner for the man who is in honestly over his head is the best medicine for his condition: not false hopes or ridicule, which are typically his lot to suffer.
-1. This is the second year in a row in which a young man vаccinated by the military, returned to this house carrying an extreme respiratory infection accompanied with an uncountrolable hollow cough that then afflicted the rest of us. The older brother that brought the government plague last year did not return, but has mentioned that he catches every cold there is and is in constant respiratory distress. Achilles would have refused the vaxx and sailed off to Thessaly, and Odysseus would have hired a Trojan POW to take it for him.
-2. In Your Trojan Whorse I described 4 types of women: Manizer [aggressively manipulative bitch], Priestess [supportive babe, the Captain’s Wife], Slavegirl [babe who needs more support than she gives] and Whore [passively manipulative bitch.] A Beta male’s basic role is as a casualty supporting Alpha imposition of Omega dissent. His only chance for distinction in partnership with a woman is to win the heart of a priestess that can’t land an Alpha or Omega. In traditional societies he is given a slave girl which keeps him in his place under his betters. In Modern society he he is used by whores and manizers and spurned by the rest, making him a miserable chunk of meet to be fed into the ideological mill.
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