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Pizza Wars?
Publishing Tabletop Games Online
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Tue, Nov 21, 2023, 3:56 PM
to me
Have you ever considered publishing some of your tabletop games online?
[We have published Triumph here for $7 and numerous small role playing games for free here on this page. I cannot do any graphics. It is just text. I am designing Battle, a war game using dominoes, dice, coins and cards for units and randomizers. This will be developed on video at InTheseGoingsDown this spring. The front matter is scheduled for May 3 and the body of the text will be posted for summer, here.]
Copies of Pizza Wars sell for $50!
[I lost about $1k on Pizza Wars after selling some 1700 copies. I have given my last physical Pizza Wars material to Lynn for her to publish, making it part of the roughly 85 books in her backlog.]
There are lots of "Print 'n Play" games (usually PDF form) that sell for $1-5/ea ... could be worth it if you can find the right type of nerd to format it for you! Just an idea.
[I have no one to do this and lack the energy to solicit and hound some nerd. If you would like to publish my gaming material I have an almost 500 page book titled Knuckleheads and Wonderboys that I gave to Polynimbus to publish 4 years ago. I will send it to you in my next email after posting this article. Online Pizza Wars and that book are yours if you want them—keep the money. There will not be much. ]
Best regards and looking forward to official Napoleonic warfare dominos,
[Mister Grey and I will develop it live this spring.]
- JW

James LaFond <>
Jan 3, 2024, 9:15 PM (13 hours ago)
to J
It is your's if you want it—keep the money.
Lynn has 84 books on backlog, Incognegro 13 and my niece 2
JW. hope you have a great new year.
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