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Coming to America
An LA Meetup with the Sentient Hoodrat?
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Coming to America
Thu, Nov 2, 2023, 2:42 PM
to me
Hey James,
Derek La Crone informs me you're doing a podcast with him. thats exciting!
Just a quick message today, I'm aiming to come to LA in july next year.
You better be alive and able to teach me how to disembowel a man with a table fork when I get there.
Your Mate

James LaFond <>
Wed, Jan 3, 9:40 PM (13 hours ago)
Hey, Marius
Derek didn't get back to me.
I have to do podcasts in person.
as far south as i go is San Jose, Ca.
Give me a date you can make it there and I'll try to meet you.

PS: Derek and I did talk by phone. Sounds like he is really grounded, younger, busy, middle aged and successful by his voice, like talking to the Z-man if he was a fighter. I have no idea why he'd find any value in my work.
My voice is not up to couching groups, working corners or doing podcasts. It rattles the nerve in my head that is already abuzz. That cuts into writing, as it disables me for screen time and the limited amount of print reading I do. I might pretend not to be an economic creature. But the only thing I get paid for is writing, and writing is also my only passion, making me an unsuccessful economic bot, not a post economic man.
There are numerous regular trains that go from LA to San Jose. Since that is a nice place for me to turn the corner from the Pacific Northwest towards the slathering Beast of the East, I tend to rest and lay over there between 3 and 6 times a year.
When you get a date send it in and I'll check the email box on April 1 before I start buying tickets for my return west in June.
A am proficient with a table fork in fighting, although not in eating, my hands shake so much half the food ends up in my beard. Would be glad to meet you, Marius.
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