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The change in one generation
Sun, Oct 8, 2023, 7:58 PM
to me
I never could stand this "old people fatalism", like "oh bu hu this is not my country anymore, this is not the country i grew up in", but the change within 20 years is really remarkable, without any moral avaluation.
Go back to 15th September 2001. America wants blood. Kill all rag heads. Bomb the middle east.
Now its 9th october 2023. Right wing america celebrated the Taliban taking over the afghan capitol Kabul, again, just two years earlier. Now Hamas, the archetypical "bad middle eastern guy in ski mask" enemy since multiple decades, is the new champion. And they cheer them on while they do Iron Age raiding party stuff like killing civilians, taking out a whole techno concert, making off with captives, hostages, burning down military outposts doing the allahu akbar takbir. And the most moderat grass roots position is "i don't give a shit", the others are cheering for Hamas.
And i suspect the blood gods in america are never really satisfied. There is always some next bloodbath that needs to be drunk in by the red god. And despite america killing huge amounts of people all around the world, it wasn't "real" like when the Taliban or Hamas does it. Compare these muslim fighters to the way america kills people. The muzzies don't even wear bodyarmor, have little to no military training, no chance, and then they scream out in celebration when they blow up a israeli tank with a DIY dronedrop. And then they dance around the damn thing, burning, like the Ewok village in star wars. And thats a more human reaction than compared to america, where a drone strike blows up a compound and the drone flies off. Its totally anti-climactic. Its even more psycho compared to the Hamas guys killing civilians. At least the hamas guys have to look at it. They are in a way confronted with their own deed. The drone pilots just flying off, thats psycho stuff.
Anyway i was thinking about "bloody bill" Anderson raiding federal troops and butchering the prisoners, like scalping, putting hacked off genitals in dead mouths, and so on. If the guys who were with Anderson had cameras back then would america remember the civil war differently, or not at all. In any way it just takes one generation and people just wanna see a new blood bath no matter who the combatants are.
James LaFond <>
Wed, Jan 3, 9:51 PM (13 hours ago)
to [r]
Thanks [r]
I will expedite this.
Take care—just got back to email land.

Sir, I always thought you had a disturbingly beautiful view of this odd world of America through your dark lens of Hindsite Europe.
Americans are a people without a race and without a nation. We are the janitors of the international police station.
Americans love technological oppression, are absolutely enthralled to, and in worship of, the war machine.
We are The War Pigs, glutting upon the haul had from slain nations.
Almost every American currently cheers death from above, which was the motto of my brother's airborne unit: the 82nd. Look at that, worship of a number, of a fraction of the death machine, as a divine bringer of death!
Americans do not cheer for Enkidu or Humbaba who he killed, but for the whore that seduced him, the chimera that terrorized him in dream, and the plague goddess that took him to the City of Dust.
Americans favor Delilah over Samson, Hera over Herakles.
Most Americans cannot get into Conan, as a hero, because he battles sorcerers and flying dooms from the outer dark.
Americans favor the arrow-slinging coward Paris over the spear-bringing maniac Achilles.
Americans do not cheer for Gilgamesh, but for the Bull of Heaven and for the Stone Men he shattered, for the sun he raced over 12 hours and for the scorpion people who guarded the underdark.
Americans side with the Host of Xerxes, whose arrows darkened the skies, not the Band of Leonidas who opposed them.
Americans sneer at Beowulf as a fool and cheer on the Dragon, honoring nothing more holy than winged death.
Americans could care less about Arthur. He is important only as a pawn of Merlin, the manipulator.
At the bar before the TV, liberal progressives and conservative regressives all cheer for Russian generals slain by robot plains, for rat sack buildings leveled by Judaic missiles and rat sack runnels flooded by pumps. Those few who don't worship instant rubble making, cheer for the murder of civilians on the other side.
All Americans are in love with Death from Above.
We do not love Achilles, but his shield, wrought by the craftsman god who shackled Prometheus to his rock.
The best selling fantasy books in America, from Anne McCaffry's dragon novels, to TSR's Dragonlance series, to numerous movies about good dragons and most of all in the Game of Thrones novels, reflects two things, I think, a deep memory that our kind were once enslaved by masters who flew chariots of the sky and the dim intuition that we, in America, are once again the slaves of the Masters of Scay, just as the Orks in Tolkien's Mordor were droolingly proud to be the slaves of the sky powers, only to be defeated by...eagles, as midgets sneak-thieves stole our hearts.
Death from Above, as a divine wind, is deep in Aryаn myth and has resurfaced in the American mind with the massive industrial dominance of flying machines. Note that the tiny minority of Americans who cheered for the sack rats were thrilled by the paragliders with fans, which were predicted by Fan Man in a Riddick Bo Evander Holyfield fight in the 1990s.
We are a nation of slaves living under the most oppressive tax code in human history, who fancy ourselves free because we are fat, well-fed, and distracted, and who know deep in our collective souls, that our material prosperity has been won by war machines who go where once only God thundered, above the feast where we ravenously blundered.
Enjoy the soot show.
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