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Jason's Book
The Master of the Esoteric Cafe Has Translated A German Language Infoteric Classic
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Last year I read the first 27 pages of Jason's translation form the German of a book on Seriality.
He has emailed me the information for the print book.
There is a problem.
I am still techtarded and I have moved from the home of the Big Brained Nimbus who spent 3 hours on New Year's Day getting my email computer online.
Skype has also kicked me out, saying that I am not who I say I am.
Without a computer savvy person, i cannot prove that i am not a computer.
So, Jason, please use the comment section to place a link to your work, with a title and subtitle separate, as I don't think links work through our comment section and the reader will need search.
I will not be able to get back online to do anything other than post from my brain to the back of this site. I cannot email, skype, use links sent to Flop the Luddite Zero, until I get to the Brickmouse House and have Motherboard get me online, crica April 15.
Notes from the Abyss
James Anderson
the fighting edge
the greatest boxer
barbarism versus civilization
the lesser angels of our nature
shrouds of aryas
'in these goings down'
orphan nation
by the wine dark sea
Jason David Bulkeley     Feb 5, 2024

James: Here's a link to the introduction of my book. It's all about Paul Kammerer and the Law of Seriality, his 1919 landmark work on coincidence, which inspired Carl Jung's study on Synchronicity


And here's a link to the book cover!AhohzddJrlWVgbkIaarOUAJ9DxsRmA?e=S4c4PD

And here's a link to the Amazon page for ordering the book:


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