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Take Me to Your Breeder
An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist on The Man, Updated 2/22/15
2015 Update
I was recently reviewing the comment below, concerning the recent article Fear of Strangers:
"There is no reason to suppose that human beings differ very much one from another, except that it is true that the ones who have been trained in the hardest school will come out on top."
-Thuycidides (460-395 B.C.), The History of the Peloponnesian War
LOL! Yes, it is extremely ironic that both the white supremacists and the black supremacists are in agreement that blacks are physically superior to whites. How on earth did this come about? More importantly, how do white supremacists and white nationalists expect to prevail if they have such an inferiority complex? They must prove themselves worthy to attend Odin's feast!
What is even more ironic is that it is the black's protectors, our white Leftist ruling elite (The Woman), who are the ones who believe blacks to be inferior to whites. To the Liberals/Leftists/Progressives the blacks are "half devil and half child" (as in the Kipling poem) and unable to compete with whites on any level playing field in a civilized society (outside of a select group of sports that is). Hence they must be provided for by the rest of society lest they all starve. Don't forget too, white women rule the world. Everyone else either wants to be with them or look like them.
Having out done himself once again as an online commentator and my own personal volunteer adviser and quote finder, I could not help but be reminded by Jeremy's comment of an article from last year that makes the same point as old Thuycidides, and with a bit more verve I might add.
The following article is the last in my Extraterrestrial Anthropologist series.
Enjoy, and please support your friendly planetary zoologist.
Good morning humans. This is Regal M-116-S here, subjected to the harsh light of your effervescent dwarf star, and thereby compelled to ‘rise and opine’.
Oh my, apologies, wrong apes.
Sorry again, about that reference to your primate propensity to be enamored and rendered witless by shining things; which further beckons me to digress and apologize for inaugurating the shinny bead trade. But what—particularly on earth—is a zoologist, sorry, anthropologist, to do when a pack of savage little apes mistake his carnelian skin for the hide of some mythic beast prone to horde shinny baubles, but to introduce one’s evolved self to the primitives through dispensing with any thought of a return to Regal and dismantling the touch nodes of the control module, and thereby dispersing the means of my eventual egress for the purpose of immediate salvation?
Yes, yes, you have me. There is no orbital egress pod. Charles merely maintains my pathetic attempt at building one. I might have mentioned before that I failed my math exam and was thereby shunted off to the zoological corps. I am marooned, and, with your breeding finally unchecked by natural forces, there are few reclusive options. So I occupy myself with the study of the one sentient species with more sorrows than my own—you harry little fellows!
Yes friends, welcome down out of the trees—just in time it would seem, for they are falling fast…
Hidden Colors 3
I was recently viewing a documentary film by a very well dressed human filmmaker Tariq Nasheed [and if it was not his film it should have been] by King Flex Films. This film was given to me by a young man of color who is studying the plight of his ancestors. He was concerned that the film was propagandistic and did not present supporting evidence for certain authoritative statements given.
Thank you, young human, for this video. I found it very enjoyable. I will limit my comments to three categories: overall impressions, contradictions within the film, and those points made by the ‘black separatist’ filmmaker, which are in precise agreement with points made by ‘white separatist’ academics and propagandists, including the extant followers of a certain nasty little mustachioed Austrian of conflicted descent.
‘From Coon to Tycoon’
First, I recommend that all humans view this film, keeping in mind that it is a militant race-based call to political, spiritual and economic action. There are many interesting tidbits that are only touched on, such as organ harvesting, secret lynching in today’s American South and various conspiracy theories, for which no evidence is presented, but rather taken for well-established fact.
I wish that the history of castration in America was covered in more detail. I loved the segment on George Washington’s false teeth being yanked from the mouths of moaning black slaves! The black superman mythology is something that I am very interested in and wish they had gone into greater detail about.
The lady commentator with the light skin and beige queen hat seemed to be a Nation of Islam conspiracy buff, and almost stole the film from Umar Johnson. I know she had to have mentioned Big-headed Yakub, and am quite miffed at Mister Nasheed for cutting that quote from the film.
Do not come to this film expecting to find an illumination of the assertions that are made. This is perhaps the closest parallel between this effort and those of the various veiled white supremacist organizations that call themselves nationalists, separatists and tribal identity groups. Hidden Colors 3 utilizes a number of compelling speakers and a very smooth narrative presentation targeting the adolescent Urban American human according to the art of demagoguery. This film is an example of the art of the eloquent half-truth which has propped up cult leaders and politicians for ages.
This film is targeted exclusively at the African American, and artfully conspires to convince him that he is a member of the true master race who ‘has the power of extinction’ in his very reproductive organs, and that he is therefore hated and set upon by all of the other races of men, including the baleful Europeans and current African immigrants.
Hidden Colors 3 utilizes the ideological alienation techniques favored by police states throughout history, through multiple calls to ‘marginalize’ any people of African ancestry who get too cozy with the primary enemy, which is ‘the whites’. As one of the expert commentators mentions, the material rewards of betraying your black brothers are great, as illustrated in his saying ‘from coon to tycoon’.
The best portion of the early half of the film is a cartoon narrated by Tariq Nasheed that correctly depicts the plight of the African America man from the perspective of his uniquely and porously insulated culture. This is where the film works. If you are an American of African ancestry this is the hook that drags you into the net of half truths with open but blinkered eyes. If you are a member of the target audience’s genetic enemies than the fact that you have experienced some of these same ‘uniquely black’ negatives will drive you to click off the video so that you will not be in a position to know what half truths and lies are about to be fed to your darker-skinned fellows. This is the genius stroke: alienating sympathetic views from the discussion that might contradict some of the militant dogma and at the same time connecting on an experiential level with the recruit.
The propagandistic aspect of Hidden Colors 3 which most effectively demonstrates the film’s nature and mission as an inflammatory rather than an informatory effort, is the fact that the speaker with the most face time is Doctor Umar Johnson, who speaks with wild bugged eyes and expressive hand motions and excited diction in a charmingly ebonic reinterpretation of Adolf Hitler’s oratory style. Have you ever viewed a Hitler speech, and wondered to yourself, "How could a nation follow such a nut? Would not a people want a cool-headed leader?”
Not a people who has suffered and who maintains a self-image of oppressive sacrifice at the hands of a greater polity. You see, while most people who view or listen to Hitler or Johnson flex and rant and posture are repelled by the obvious grossness of the communicative construct—which is good as the enemy is not desired at the race war planning table—the target group is immunized from this visceral skepticism by the truth that precedes the rant. For, just as Hitler’s Germany had been screwed by virtually every nation that mattered, so have the people that Umar appeals to in his abrasive way.
Doctor Umar Johnson is, to the student of human behavior, a nascent gem of striving humanity; the quivering vocal cord of the militant primate determined to grab the world by its throat and defy the existing order. He is the story of Man’s Ascent writ small.
Contradictions within the Film
The base contradiction comes at the beginning when the cast is slowly introduced and the case is made that a sure sign that black Americans are oppressed is the fact that they have traditionally been relegated to entertainment roles. Meanwhile the astute viewer sees that nearly half of the expert commentators—who all would have been intellectuals if this were a mainstream Anglo-American effort—are rappers and comedians! I am not complaining, as the two comedians were among the most insightful and considered commentators—my favorite being Dick Gregory—and the two rappers were necessary draws for the young viewer. The filmmaker should have at least called attention to this dichotomy and used it to enhance the message.
One of the academics—the one I find oh so appealing as a possible carrier for my superior alien intellect—discusses the enactment of slave killing laws in Virginia. As she misdates a statute at the mid 1700s and claims it was enacted so that white mistresses could beat to death the mixed race children of their savage husbands [a sorrowful thing that often happened] the filmmaker displays a copy of the actual document dated 100 years earlier and enacted during the white slave rebellions that Dick Gregory had just mentioned!
Fibroid tumors [generally thought to be caused by the HPV virus] are blamed on a white conspiracy to shame black women into using toxic hair products that will give them fibroid tumors and diminish their reproductive capacity. No mention is made of the black 19th Century woman who actually invented these products and is, to date, the single most economically successful independent human female, adjusted for inflation, to have walked this lonely planet. Then, later in the film, in the solutions segment, the filmmakers suggest to the viewer that such hair care products should only be bought from blacks! Hello! If it is rotting black wombs why promote it? King Flex Films needs a Himmler on their editorial staff.
The most appalling contradiction in the film is a moral one, as three of the experts extol the type of traditional slavery as practiced in West Africa in the period of American colonial slavery as being socially good and having no psychological trauma associated with it. These people come frighteningly close to endorsing slavery in the general form it took through most of human history, which would be akin to the abuse, exploitation and neglect of foster children in our society. Indeed the very form of slavery that they promote as having been a symptom of a healthy African society is at the root of the forms of modern domestic and sex slavery that they then point to as a purely white invention. One historical source is misrepresented in this segment. However, I must say that I particularly enjoyed the expert panel’s charges that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adopting children of color so that she will not have to do the housework and Brad will have a sex slave! We all know that Angelina cannot afford a domestic servant and Brad just can’t seem to get laid!
Most of the contradictions stemmed from the documentary film methods used without the aid of a fact-checker on the editorial staff. For instance, even as multiple commentators noted that ‘all’ inventions originated with non-whites, and that white Europeans invented nothing, the narrator informs the viewer that Thomas Edison [who was quite a scumbag invention pirate and manipulative louse] put his name on the inventions and innovations of his black engineering staff, the filmmaker presents a picture of a bleacher full of Edison’s white engineers, who, like Carver and Tesla, fell victim to Edison’s profiteering schemes.
Even after discussing the plight of Native Americans at the hands of Europeans and some tales of intercourse between black escaped slaves and natives, Umar Johnson goes on to state that blacks are the ‘original Americans’ and the ‘only people with a true claim to this land’ [I might have misquoted a little. Forgive me as I was dazzled by the man’s beaming eyes.], having somehow overlooked the inconvenient fact that the whites had not managed to wipe out every red person on the continent.
Points of Agreement Between Black and White Separatists
The following are those points of agreement I detected between these admitted black separatists and the many white separatists I have known, read, and listened to from this seat of inquisitive verve:
1. That blacks are genetically incapable of being non-violent in non-tropical climates once summer comes around. As one commentator said, ‘In the summer we come to our senses…the African in us comes to the surface!’
2. That Mexican and other Latino immigrants are a scourge upon America.
3. That black on black crime is an economic boon to the American ruling class.
4. That Italians are their own special reviled race that neither deserve the ‘minority rights’ due African Americans or status as full white Europeans.
5. That the other colored races currently flocking to America are all parasites who are just exploiting the civil rights gains earned by African Americans.
6. That Jews are a tribe of sneaky white men who are not to be trusted, but should be emulated as much as possible.
7. That liberal whites are the real enemy of any people who seek to foster a tribal identity and preserve their heritage.
8. That black Africans should not be permitted to gain access to the United States and take advantage of current government policies.
9. That a secret society of white bankers has been pulling the strings behind the world scene for two centuries now, and have decided that the only real use to be made of post agricultural black Americans is as a threat to working class whites.
10. And finally, my favorite, that boxing is a test of racial superiority, and that black men have ruled the ring as the collective racial heavyweight champion since Apollo Creed beat up Rocky Balboa in the 1970s, despite the obvious evidence in the form of an Eastern European lock on the higher weight classes for the last decade.
11. Doctor Umar Johnson does deserve an honorable mention for claiming that the Japanese are white!
Into the Setting Face of Your Dwarf Star
The last agreement between white and black supremacists, that boxing is a test of racial superiority and is also the province of the black American, would appear to be borne out by media coverage, which astutely avoids any mention of the giant white men of recent European extraction who have all but driven black American heavyweights into professional bowling. Thanks to the media obsession with the ghost of Mohamed Ali Floyd Mayweather, a welterweight boxer, who has preserved his unbeaten record by avoiding a fight with a Filipino lightweight, is the number one earner and symbol of modern boxing.
All of you black and white separatist might wish to consider that this impression is maintained by a largely liberal white Jewish boxing press and promotional cadre, who maintain a fascination with pitting fighters together along racial lines, as this increases ticket sales. If, as so many throughout history have contended, boxing is a test of the character of a man and by extension his tribe, what are the lessons to be learned as we consider the drama of heavyweight boxing over the course of the last Century?
Truth is besides the point here. All that matters is the impression. When the first black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson reined, every victory of his saw at least one black man lynched for cheering. It might be said that Johnson had more black blood on his hands than any KKK executioner.
The recent swing to the domination of the heavier weight classes by whites of recent European origin points to boxing as a cultural vector, not a genetic one. You see, Jack Johnson, and the man that the filmmakers marked as his successor, Mohamed Ali, where both taught their craft and guided in their enterprise by white men, who had hitherto dominated that sport.
Now, view the films of Wladamir Klitchsko, Ukrainian Czar of the boxing ring, and you shall see black men working his corner. View footage of ‘Krusher’ Kovalev, the Russian KO machine, and look to his corner. You will see an African American man who formally ruled his own corner of the light heavyweight boxing world serving as the mastermind.
You see humans, even amongst animals such as yourselves, culture is the vector to watch. Genetics might catch your eye, shinny baubles of visible evolution that they are. But you, in whatever you do, even if you leave no genetic imprint, such as Nikola Tesla, leave a behavioral thread, a blueprint for action, that will outlive any ape, any ape family, and any ape tribe that perceives their actions to stem from a mindless call within from the magic spirits inhabiting their blood.
A Selfish Postscript
As a way to serve my own need to propagate and also in my guise as a writer to return to the film Hidden Colors 3, I would like to make plain my preference for the light skin lady scholar who sat rather straight—whose name slips me as I was concentrating on her more obvious qualities—an academic who collects data on current ‘covered up’ lynchings in the American South. While she was waxing genetic about attractive and intelligent slaves of old being selected by their white masters as a ‘breeder’ [of an accounting staff I suppose], it occurred to me that I am aging rapidly and need to replace myself.
I have, for ages, replicated as a member of the dominant human strain—hence my affinity for Chinese cuisine—and, since your current world leader is a half-breed Euro-African, I do seek shamelessly to imbed myself in the ruling class once again. I will learn this lady’s name and research her preferences before recommending myself, and hopefully gaining access to her incubatory precincts. I am sensitive you know, and am somewhat worried as to her opinion of dating eight appendaged extraterrestrials. I did note her preference for men with ‘muscles on muscles’ when she was describing the qualities of some police officers with a reproductive light in her sparkling eyes.
So earthly brothers, help me out here. If I come across with the following line, will I be overplaying my many hands: “I know Baby the eight appendages can seem off-putting. Yet consider, my sweet little Boo that only two of them are for walking.”
Or, should I just present myself in black sunshades and beret to Mister Nasheed, and intone in my best Barry White, “Take me to your Breeder”?
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