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Kicking Endangered Ass
Or, My Mom is Tougher than Your Endangered Species You Tree-hugging Liberal Journalist
© 2014 James LaFond
In India a 56 year old woman recently survived an hour long battle that pitted her against a leopard. This lady was armed with a sickle spade that was apparently made by Lynn Thompson, or should have been. Lynn, you’re a Millionaire and you owe me for that free copy of The Logic of Steel you got from Paladin in 2002. The least you can do is design a sickle spade and name it after this lady.
The liberal puke who wrote this piece spent as much time on waxing ecological about the leopard’s plight as he did on the woman’s heroics, and made no mention of the fact that Indian leopards have traditionally dined on women since the beginning of time.
You owe it to this lady to read her story at the following link
The best leopard fight account I ever read was of a big game hunter who was attacked from the other side of a fence by a leopard which grabbed him with its front claws behind his shoulders and hooked its hind claws into the fence, intent on some Bram Stoker quality neck munching. The hunter jammed his hand and forearm down the thing’s throat and it died of asphyxiation on his arm.
Kamla Negi, who would certainly be the toughest man in most American communities, was recovering from severe injuries, including numerous broken bones, in a hospital on August 26th when the article was posted.
Thanks Kamla, for striking a few dozen blows for us scrawny little apes.
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