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Saving the World Sucks
The Definitive Politically Incorrect Guide to Speculative Fiction from DarkEyedGirl Books and Nerd Church
James’ collection of writing essays turned out to be a heavier tome than one might have imagined. I was personally shocked by some of the revelations. While most sci-fi authors looking to hit the New York Times bestseller list might want to read these essays and write the other way there is a lot of unexpected insight to be found in Saving the World Sucks.
There is also the possibility of using this book to memorize outrageous passages and stump friends and family at dinner parties, author’s workshops—who won’t even let the author attend—and trivial discussions. To quote Nerd Church publisher Erique Watson, "James is the dude who knows what's up and is not the least bit concerned as to how comfortable you are with it."
-Jamie King, DarkEyedGirl Books
Saving the World Sucks is available at through the author’s page or by following this link
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