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‘A Book For A Babe’
Ann Sterzinger of Hopeless Books and Takimag is Looking for New Authors
Ah, if it were so easy to get a woman’s attention with a book, we nerds and geeks would have it so much better. As improbable as it sounds, not only can you turn Ann’s head with your written shout into the cosmos, if you impress her, she will even tell the world.
Ann interviews authors and editors, reviews books by unknown and shunned male authors, and also publishes books for Andy Nowicki, who is an actual literary genius, who couldn’t get a plug from Oprah if he saved all of the gay baby whales on the planet—without using a chokehold!
Might you be the next Andy Nowicki?
If you have a completed literary work that is ready for review, export it as a pdf, and send it to Ann at
Ann also has a website, which you may check out through the link below.
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