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'No Independent Thought'
A Preview of The Art of Jason Lenox Volume Three
© 2015 James LaFond
In his third volume Jason presents the art and the process of honoring a number of figures from fiction: my favorite being Conan the Tower of the Elephant and The Thing. Smaug and some comic heroes and villains I am not familiar with are also worked up, with quotes from the literary works included—kind of a reverse illustration. I really like—as a non-artist—being able to get some idea of how these graphics evolve from a kind of blue print with feelings into something that grabs you in the gut. Jason does truly frightening dragons.
My runner up in this collection is the weird creature holding the 'No Independent Thought' book.
My absolute favorite has to be Cyberman, in which Jason manages to infuse a sense of childlike wonder into a mechanical creature of obvious gross manufacture, as indicated by the harsh mechanical lines. Although Cyberman seems part toaster part warbot, the eyes are somehow emotive and sympathetic, without being human. I know how hard it would be to write that, and Jason nailed it in his medium.
Jason makes you want to hug a killer robot—and burn that Antarctic dog kennel.
The project is presently in the kickstarter process. If you would like to get involved click on the link below, and if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and check out Jason’s site.
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