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‘So Feminism is the Goddess’s Revenge?’
The Mind of Mescaline Franklin: The Author is Grilled About his Anthropological Assertions
The following question is from a ten day old phone conversation with my gonzo patron from Camden New Jersey.
James, you know you are the first person out there that has taken this feminism thing and traced the history of emasculation all the way back to the New Stone Age and agriculture. How do you see ‘The Goddess’ as a timeless manifestation, and what do you see as the expression today?
I promised an answer Sir. I hope this qualifies.
The goddess concept is fairly well known. In fact all of the world’s major religions are based on the goddess concept; the passive ethos of the mortal supplicant tied to Garden Earth.
Joseph Campbell breaks the human spiritual experience into two grand phases:
1. The Way of The Animal Powers, which we can trace back for 40,000 years, and may well go back 250,000 years. However, we do not get full articulation and burial practices until 40,000 years ago, and, this just might be a Neanderthal legacy. This is highly arguable. The Way of The Animal Powers requires active, lone, seeking interaction with the natural world on the part Man. Men in primitive cultures traditionally do less work than women, and do not beat or abuse their women and children as do civilized men. They are universally more appreciated by their women, especially along the lower social strata. In post modern and modern life women never respect poor earning men unless they are dangerous animals who carry a primal attraction component. Yet in primitive societies, every male who makes the ‘man grade’ is seen as having honor and value.
2. The Way of the Seeded Earth is the passive prayer for rain, the way of animal and human sacrifice—graphically retained in Christianity and Jihadist Islam, in which society is seen as a woman, as is visualized by the feminized mental image of the ship [even a warship] as a mother vessel, a she. The idea of society as a mother, so well expressed by the Soviet motherland concept, the postmodern welfare state, environmentalist orthodoxy, and the geopolitical daisy chain that is the United Nations, leaves a place for a dominant father figure—in the form of the exclusively male One God of the Middle Eastern faiths; of the high priest, then priest king, then priesthood supported secular king, to corporate CEO—clear down to the present. This is established and maintained by the emasculation of common men and the separation from the Animal Powers by denial of masculine rituals to most military age males and the monopoly of masculine rituals by an exclusive ruling, then military, and eventually celebrity [pro athlete], class in a thoroughly denatured society. Witness since Vietnam how American soldiers have been consistently discarded by their masters, and that prominent military men are never permitted to transition into politics. Our current treatment of discharged combat veterans is close to criminal neglect. Every Stone Age society did more for their returning warriors.
The Goddess Today, as characterized by my crackpot colleague Jeremy Bentham Most Of What Can Happen To You Is Bad is best represented by Jennifer Anniston, a delicate materialistic Caucasian beauty that is simultaneously held up as an object of desire to the emasculated legions of male social place holders, even as she is used to keep the normal woman feeling ugly, embittered, and yet ravenously desired by all men, as she spends more and more money trying to buy unwearable clothes designed by gay men, and live up to the appearance of a well-sculpted genetic accident. The image of the goddess is held up simultaneously as a lure and a curse for both sexes, while images of traditionally fertile-looking females are suppressed—except in counter-culture venues such as rap magazines, and among the underclass, where Stone Age Man’s idea of the feminine is kept alive.
To finish this thought permit me to add a comment from Ajay, a friend and reader, in response to ‘My Jungle Bunny Neighbors’:
“Is it really true, that black ghetto bitches are more appreciative of you holding the door for them than suburban white women?”
Absolutely. You are an anomaly, a black suburban chick who appreciates a man doing something for you. This is a mark of your social roots, not your aspiration. Negrodamus-Zilla would certainly call you an Ivy League Sista. Below are two examples from my recent personal experience.
The last black woman I held the door open for was a twenty-something ghetto mamma with three little kids, who, when I held the door at the dollar mart for her and her kids, said, “Thank you so much Sir.” She then had the kids stand and wave to me as I walked by. My casual act made me an immediate man of status in her eyes, as it demonstrated a sense of leisure, leisure in a primitive ghetto setting indicating a lack of worry and fear. She knew I would protect her and her children, and in such settings one never knows when that will be needed, so such underclass women cultivate appreciation of male acts as a matter of survivable habit.
The last white woman I held a door open for looked at me nervously, as I held open the door of the frozen waffle case I had just stocked at work. She was a middle-aged white woman in the suburbs, who was dressed in a Sunday dress. This is so rare I said something complimentary about the dress, and did not hit on her, comment on her figure, etc. She looked at me nervously and stepped off with her waffles and then mentioned getting drunk the night before and feeling bloated—apologizing for wearing the dress essentially.
The next three times I saw her I looked away, not even saying hello, not wanting to be accused of desiring her. For she and her kind have been raised to believe that they are our sedentary society’s sexual sacrificial victims and I and every man a potential Aztec-like fiend wielding the eviscerating knife.
A few weeks ago I was waiting outside of the store for my son to pick me up. I normally walk by this woman and others as they load their groceries and I hustle to the bus stop. I felt like a slacker standing by while this woman loaded groceries, and the slacker parcel pickup boy played his video game. Although she had acted suspiciously around me in the store, she had also gone out of her way to wave at me as she drove by the bus stop on numerous occasions, so I decided to help. I grabbed two bags and said, “I’ll help you miss.”
She went into a panic and told me firmly that she could do it herself, that she had “her particular way” of loading the groceries.
I looked away from her and held the bags up, saying, “I’m waiting for my son. I will hold the bags up so that you can load them, being careful not to touch your hands.”
She loaded the bags and slammed the SUV trunk shut as I looked away, not a thank you in the air, but rather with a scramble to escape. Ever since then I will not walk down an aisle with her in it, will leave my aisle when she walks into it, and decline to even look at her as soon as I see the dress hem and high heels, as she is the only woman in Baltimore County who wears a dress, despite being ashamed of it and paranoid about the resulting chances of manly courtesy.
In the world of The Goddess every man wants only sex, and has no honor, no right to behave with helpful dignity in the presence of a mortal expression of the Goddess. Only in the mind of the primitive thinking ghetto woman—whose men do not work, but hunt and gather in a criminal ecosystem—is a man appreciated when he shows deference to a female, for in her world, that is a sign of masculine confidence; that a man can take time out from looking over his shoulder in anticipation of lawful arrest or unlawful ambush long enough to let her feel like she is human.
I’ll take a ghetto bitch any day of the week over some suburban goddess, who I only hold the door for as a way of confirming my now staunch belief that she and her kind have evolved beyond humanity into a death-like state from which they deserve no resurrection.
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Jeremy BenthamMar 27, 2015

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." -Karl Marx

"Number 24. Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society." -Rush Limbaugh's Undeniable Truths of Life

“It is one of the great weaknesses of reasonable men and women that they imagine that projects which fly in the face of commonsense are not serious or being seriously undertaken.” - Margaret Thatcher.

We must understand that modern Feminism is at its heart radical Leftism, Marxism. Feminists are Leftists first and foremost, everything else, including the true well-being of women, is secondary. Feminists don't want men to control women because THEY want to control them. Certainly, the ideals of the modern Left, i.e. socialism, utopian collectivism, radical egalitarianism and radical individualism, all have ancient roots. Modern technology simply allows Western civilization today to pursue social policies that would have been prohibitively expensive and/or dangerous in times past. Thus we see no great burden on the rest of society in placating individuals and groups who make preposterous demands. Hey, plenty of money where that came from eh? As it is though, the USA has probably already spent itself into oblivion accommodating the demands of the Feminists and all the other Leftist grievance groups combined. But that doesn't bother the Left, The Woman, because She actually wants to rule a much diminished America; one that is no longer a military or economic superpower and no better than any of its neighbors. Wanting to rule a poor America is something that makes no sense to the rest of us living within the USA (how would that benefit women?), but a much weakened America is what The Woman truly believes would be best for the rest of the world.

“There is no doubt that the United States now feels that they are the only superpower in the world and they can do what they like."–Nelson Mandela.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” -George Soros, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror.
responds: Mar 28, 2015

No victorious group of people have ever seemed so unhappy as feminists. Hitler danced and kicked his heels in Versailles did he not?
HabibiMar 28, 2015

The reason for the failure of feminism is this: there isn't a single feminism to represent or support all women.

There would have been 3 goals worthy of feminism (IMO):

1) Removing salary inequalities based on who holds the job (gender, race, whatever). Never happened.

2) Removing job status based on whether a male or female is more likely to hold it. Also never happened here. A good example of this, from the old USSR, was that pediatricians were usually female, thus a lower paid specialty.

3) Choice, as opposed to forcing all women into the new and relatively impossible role of superwoman. Still don't have that either.

The reason we're miserable, is because anyone who considers herself a feminist, is still not getting her needs met post feminism.

Item 3, for this baby boomer, is the most important one, as I would have liked to have been able to stay home and raise my kids, homeschooling them for some time as well.

Point: Whoever calls herself a feminist probably has a reason for it that isn't obvious (in my case, witnessing domestic violence did it). We're not a homogenous group, nor are we all male-bashing or lesbian (though you'd be surprised how a number of lesbians were formed by abuse that they experienced).

In my case, I would choose a traditional relationship with the old-fashioned gender roles, because frankly, I'm sick of the superwoman fast track, never wanted to be on it in the first place, and crashed off the road years ago. There's just no reason for me to be considered inferior because I'm female or beaten either. End of point. Back to "Vive la difference!"
responds: Mar 29, 2015

The women I know who seem so unhappy with current society and their gender role in it, I suspect, were sold a bill of material goods [the body is the focus of the material realm from a male spiritual perspective] with the expectation that there would be a spiritual uplift, just as many men I know met all of their material [$] goals and now look out on a world that does not seem to value manhood at all, but only the money it once brought home.

Note, that among current 18-22 year olds American women are far ahead of men in actual earnings. The shift has occurred. Now the gender battle is switching to erasing gender. Every new TV show and movie now prominently features gay males whether it makes sense in the story line or not, and transgender people are the new gay. The pursuit of the erasure of the very difference between male and female that you so value is now the goal of that social force that used to be feminism but is now something grown far beyond what you faced in the 1970s. Nearly every women I knew who came of age in the 70s was beaten and/or raped by men, and I hope you avoided that fate.

Readers, Habibi, our feminist reader here, has logged two extensive comments on this subject that were so well aimed that I have copied them into an article template and shall use them as the bases for two follow on feature articles, Of Hos and Men: The Wisdom of Ghetto Girls, and The Vagina That Launched a Thousand Faces: The Moral Authority of White Women from Bathsheba to Fay Wray.

Thank you Habibi.

I am also pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a feminist belly dancer residing in Philadelphia. From one armpit of the East Coast to another, "Greetings."
Jeremy BenthamMar 29, 2015

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” -Adolf Hitler

It’s interesting that you should mention Hitler’s alleged victory dance at the Versailles surrender ceremony. It is actually a hoax that demonstrates the power of propaganda. was filmed at the ceremony smiling broadly and lifting his foot high and stamping it down as he took a step backwards (perhaps because his was off balance). Allied propagandists then rigged the newsreel film to make it appear that Hitler was doing a jig, dancing for joy. Their intent was to make Hitler look like a cad to audiences in the Allied countries for engaging in “excessive celebration” at Frances’ humiliation. I think we should point out to people under 40 that in those days taunting, gloating and excessive celebration following a victory was considered to be indicative of a low, mean-spirted character. At the very least it was regarded as poor sportsmanship. That’s not true anymore of course, since the stuffy and reserved Anglo-Saxon culture no longer dominates in the country.

But getting back to the modern Feminists, yes they certainly are a joyless bunch, aren’t they? Feminism is another example of the power of persistent Leftist propaganda to make people see heaven as hell and hell as heaven. It has been going on for over a half century now. The unfortunate suburban white woman in your anecdote who steadfastly refused your assistance is clearly a victim of this brainwashing. In my part of the country radical Feminism has largely been discredited and such perverse distain for chivalrous behavior as you describe James, is generally only encountered on college campi or other islands of Leftism. Since women can vote, and are now firmly in control of their “reproductive rights” it appears that the most bothersome issue confronting the Feminists is that unattractive women still aren’t getting any attention from attractive, high-status men. Thomas Sowell wrote, that since the major injustices of human history have all been corrected, the Leftists of the 21st Century are left to concern themselves with “cosmic justice”. That is to say they are unhappy with the way God made the world and want to change it. As Lady Thatcher observed, no matter how crazy the Leftist’s proposals to change the world are, they are dead serious about wanting make them happen.
responds: Mar 29, 2015

I've seen my share of feminist backlash against feminism and we have a lady vising the site commenting on this piece who seems to agree.

Thanks for the propaganda heads up on the Hitler jig.

Also thanks for pointing out that gloating and trash talking were once considered unmanly. A shame that point needs made.
HabibiMar 30, 2015

It seems that some have an ax to grind regarding unattractive women, as they have come up in quotes here. Unattractive women didn't ask to be born that way. It makes no sense to sling insults for what is an accident of birth. Some are lucky, some aren't.

Am I here commenting on the uselessness of men without adequate equipment to please a woman? NO, and I wouldn't think of basing a man's value on the size of his tool.

Could the readers and writers on this site can have the good graces to avoid insults based on physical characteristics?

Mr. Lafond's writings don't address form, but substance. It would be nice if the readers and writers on Mr. Lafond's website took his lead and upheld his standards in their writings. There's a difference.

Jeremy BenthamMar 31, 2015

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"- Hamlet, Act III, Scene II. William Shakespeare, 1602.

Max Reede: “My teacher tells me beauty is on the inside.” Fletcher: “That's just something ugly people say.” – “Liar Liar” (1997)

My Dear Habibi, your hypersensitivity on the matter confirms that Feminists, radical or otherwise, are inordinately concerned with the fact that the sexual attractiveness of women to heterosexual men depends primarily on their looks. Yes, people cannot help being born ugly. God must love ugly people since he made so many of them. Either that or He is a sadist, knowing as He did that those ugly people he created would suffer a lifetime of ridicule, rejection and heartbreak at the hands of their fellow humans on account of their unattractiveness. Fat, ugly people even get rejected by other fat, ugly people. Oh, the injustice of it all!

I merely pointed out this unfortunate truth of human existence, as Karl Marx and Rush Limbaugh did. Everyone says they want to hear the truth, don’t they? But the truth is that you’re stupid and ugly and your mother dresses you funny! And no, that hot guy or hot gal you have your eyes on doesn’t want to go out with you (as if!). Who wants to hear any of that? That’s one of the reasons why we have political correctness, isn’t it? Clearly one of the motivations of the radical Left in general, and radical Feminists in particular, is to correct the blunders God made when He created the earth and everything on it, as unlikely as that might seem. At the very least they are fully capable of spoiling everyone else’s fun while they work ceaselessly to achieve their vision of cosmic justice. That’s a lot easier to accomplish than delivering the elusive “happy ending” for one and all. And that’s what’s happening now and explains why so many things in our society today serve only to make people confused and unhappy.

Keep in mind Habibi that Mr. LaFond has total control over whether or not a comment appears on this web site and that he has dedicated this website to politically incorrect speech. Therefore, if these words appear on his web site, it was Mr. LaFond’s choice to post them, "warts n' all". If that bothers you, I suggest you hop on a train to B’More and take up the matter with James, face to face. First watch him beat the stuffing’s out of some young stalwart at his gym/dojo/dojang/salle de arms and afterwards retire to his crib to discuss the matter further over a couple of forties and enjoy some transcendent relaxation.

In the meantime, I recommend you contemplate the words of the great Stoic philosopher Epictetus: “Remember that foul words or blows in themselves are no outrage, but your judgment that they are so. So when any one makes you angry, know that it is your own thought that has angered you. Wherefore make it your endeavor not to let your impressions carry you away."
responds: Apr 1, 2015


How can I not approve a comment in which a man of obvious high standards suggested to a belly dancing instructor from some even more debased city than Baltimore, that she should she visit the man cave of the Graphomaniac LaFond!
HabibiApr 1, 2015

For Jeremy, who love quotes and what is politically incorrect, I found a website for you, by women who could care less what they say (unlike me, and relative to a previous comment I made):

As for me, I don't care about what's politically incorrect. Unfortunately, I've been blessed with an emotional sensitivity that is foreign to the readers of this website, so generally not a man problem, and that is what motivates me. I would have this sensitivity no matter what my beliefs were.

So let's just throw out feminism as a prime motivator for everything I say. It has a history in my life, but it actually doesn't play that big a role in my life. Reality does, that's what I'm stuck negotiating daily. Epictetus spoke well. I'll keep him in mind when my eyes fall on your comments.

P.S. to Mr. Lafond: I live in a woman cave that is man-friendly.

P.P.S. Not trying to bust up the man-party on your site, just enjoying the exploration.
responds: Apr 3, 2015

Dear Habibi,

If I take that PS as an extension of female hospitality, than I owe Mister Bentham a consideration or two [unless of course the woman cave happens to be a dungeon complete with man-sacrificing altar] there's a wing man for you!

I also appreciate you sending this link to this site inhabited by the cruel minds of penis-obsessed women.

However Mistress Habibi, I frown on the suggestion that the male readers of are any less well endowed than Aristotle's famously salacious equine!

Good Day, and thanks for the laugh Lady!
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