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News Max Gives a Rundown of G-man Riot News Caught in the Media Filter, and Still Doesn’t Scratch the Surface
This is a pretty on point rundown of 17 overlooked items. Interestingly enough, even these 17 items, overlooked by the mainstream press, barely expands the story beyond the death of one man in police custody and the riots centered around the Mandawmin area and the Courthouse and Stadium.
There has been an effective news blackout of this event. When the police take an area off of their patrol or response radar, so does the press. If you want to get a small taste of what the media/government does not want you to know what went on in Baltimore since last Friday check the other articles under our 2015 Baltimore Travel Guide tag. These are simply the experiences of a few handfuls of Baltimore area residents, just a tiny slice of what really went on.
The most fascinating thing about this spate of urban unrest, is that it is going undocumented as the entire nation stares witlessly at the mayor, the prosecutor, and the decoy brigade of rioters who are running interference for the army of professional criminals looting the sectors of the city where no reporter or cop dare tread, and where no politician cares to visit. It is shocking, even to me, how easily it has been for the media to convince America that a city has not been looted, but just one black neighborhood. An aggressive social narrative is such a powerful thing in the hands of our media that even the opposition and nonbelievers buy the lie by default.
I hope this hasty body of work, compiled over the course of the week, at least puts an apostrophe on the lie that is the accepted story.
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Jim FryMay 2, 2015

Yes, we reap the sown propaganda, over, and over, and ...

I am curious on just one point and would appreciate your perspective:

"17. Just 25 percent of U.S. adults consider the riots to be an expression of legitimate outrage, according to a new Rasmussen Report survey, which said 63 percent characterize it as mostly criminals taking advantage of the situation."

Isn't this exactly what the most organized gang, our politicians, do daily, as they take advantage of the situation seeking to manage the collective paradigm? I'm not excusing violence by any individual or side, merely reflecting on what appear to be facts, which are, that the employed strategies, which both sides, appear to leverage, appear identical and the concomitant consequences are most similar.
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