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‘White People as Thugs’
WHITES BEHAVING BADLY, BY Paul Treitschke • May 18, 2015
It is not often that I find commentary from the alternative right that requires no additional input. Paul Treitschke has crafted the perfectly concise opinion piece on the recent biker fracas in Waco Texas.
I would note, that in an American collapse scenario, that biker gangs would quickly surpass law enforcement agencies and departments as coercive entities, with only the military and Latino crime syndicates likely to challenge them.
Check out Paul’s nice work at the link below.
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Jim FryMay 20, 2015

Waco WTF? (Part 1)

I've been immersed in this incident since it began, seeking truth beyond speculation and propaganda spewed by the much of the media. Here are a collection of my evolving thoughts, written since the incident on Sunday.

2015-05-18 (Monday)

I recommend watching 100% of this video before proceeding:

I'm about a 100 miles from Waco currently and I'm sensing, feeling and intuiting that the purported atrocity at the Twin Peaks Biker / Gang mash up was yet another deceptive narrative, including a variety of stagecraft, proffered for our collective digestion.

While I research and scribe my impressions (before these critical 36 hours from moments of incident evaporate, where all is subject to be scrubbed) I'm deeply curious what others perceive. When the story is so full of holes, contains jerky connections and when the black cat stutters, flickers and briefly walks backwards (reference the scene in the Matrix), I simply can't ignore the evidence as it presents. False Flag / Stagecraft or genuine unfortunate scuffle, death and concomitant consequences?

The single most curious media drop I've encountered so far, is this video, which feels as crafted as it gets, though, curiously outside most of the mainstream. Having personally known many bikers, nothing about this scene *feels* genuine.

Where are the social media video drops as people seek their 15 minutes of fame. Where are the interviews with witnesses that barely escaped, or those seeking to purge their traumatic experiences? Why, doesn't any portion of this equation equate?

Note on the video: Obviously, most Law Enforcement would never tolerate such exposure, or potential risk, from a video drone which wasn't under their control. So, why is it out there on the internet, on an obscure link (seen so far by just 300 viewers), yet not also picked up by big media, or offered by the Waco PD, as it seems to show Waco PD in control? Why? Why? Why? (( 2015-05-20 Update: This video now has over a quarter million views and brief segments of it are now incorporated into many mainstream media clips. ))

Let's approach this from a business point vantage: In a chaotic circumstance, with approximately 200 bikers and maybe 20 LEOs, is it a more advantageous wager to flee and remain out of State custody or quietly drop arms and submit oneself to incarceration? With a one million dollar bond level for some, if not all of those arrested, it seems that at least some would flee (maybe some did, yet no single mention of that has been published that I've seen), simply from a potential ROI/Business perspective.

If you have a police drone ready to record your good behavior as you arrest so many (no brutality, no excess force, et al), why the fuck would you not have that unit recording during the actual confrontation (or if you did, not present it to the media to document the atrocious behavior by the alleged perpetrators justifying their deaths)? As documented across several official stories, 12 to 18 LEOs (most or all, SWAT) were onsite in advance of the incident, and further, they assert they refrained from opening fire until they were fired upon. These statements lead to the following important inquiries: How exactly did Police, in a 1 to 10 approximate ratio escape unscathed, and, how were they ever fired upon at all if they were following covert shielded sniper/SWAT tactics, unless they fired their weapons revealing their locations?

Thus far, there are 25 mug shots posted for some of those arrested and no appreciable interviews or witness videos, a full 24 hours after the incident. What other recent shooting incident has less coverage?
Jim FryMay 20, 2015

WACO WTF? (Part 2)

2015-05-19 (Tuesday)

The overhead video appears to be taken from a drone. This video appears to first have been posted on YouTube the day of the incident, by "SR Videos" and originally contained a repetitious digital warble sound with a host of pops and clicks, versus the music currently accompanying it. This video, as many have noted, presents an extraordinarily compliant group of purported bikers being patient while they await further processing and arrest. Curiously, several if not most are not restrained initially, in any way, even though the zip cuffs were available. Further curiosity in the fact that some limited segments of this overhead video began to be included in mainstream media videos, but not until the next day (whereas, it was posted on YouTube the day of the incident).

As many have noted, near every available image presents bikers in what appear to be their Sunday best new pristine leather. Further, of the approximately 50 (of about 200 arrested) mugshots presented to date, not a single image presents any evidence of injuries which may be anticipated in a chaotic melee, brawl, gunfight or scuffle. Not a single facial injury, across 25% of those arrested? (( 2015-05-19 Update: In the last round of mug shots posted, one had a gauze bandage on their face and a few had deeply bloodshot single eyes, but without initial black eye bruises developing. ))

There are only a few purported witness interviews across the web and no social media based individual accounts with original images or videos that I've encountered. The interview of the woman that purportedly found shelter in the cooler feels staged and not what I'd anticipate from someone that had recently experienced the purported intense life threatening circumstances alleged. From experiences as a past fire fighter, most witnesses to intense circumstances, especially those that encountered genuine life threatening ones, behave much differently from this woman.

The interviews with a single Waco PD representative all feel efficaciously scripted and staged. I've worked with a lot of LEOs in the past and few speak as fluidly, and none spoke that fluidly consistently, especially in times of high stress, such as may have been anticipated during and shortly after such an intense gunfight.

Eventually, there will be published arrest records, possibly full autopsy reports, grand jury documents and similar State provided items that will be available for dissection, but on the surface, everything about this incident and the way it has been presented feels like an obfuscating patina to me.

We'll see, if we're not all enraptured by a fresh incident within three days, three weeks and three months. In any case, while I don't feel informed sufficiently to form a qualified hypothesis to what agenda is in play and parlay, it sure smells like there are several being crafted simultaneously on this deal.
Jeremy BenthamMay 21, 2015

Paul Treitschke’s observations are spot on. It is just as we discussed previously James, white organized crime groups are minuscule in number compared to non-white organized crime groups these days (outlaw motorcycle gangs comprise only 2.5 % of the known gangs in the USA; the largest and best known, the Hell’s Angels, has less than 3000 members worldwide), yet the authorities commonly regard them to be more dangerous and evil than the non-white gangs. Why is that? Obviously the greater competence displayed by the white criminals plays some part in that assessment. The bikers in Waco were apparently able to hit their intended targets and did not kill or injure any innocent bystanders, even in and near a crowded restaurant. By contrast, in the big city in my state at this writing, black street gangs are engaging in gun battles on an almost daily basis in which they seem to hit everybody except their intended targets. In fact it’s often difficult to tell who their intended targets were. It might even be laughable, but for the fact that innocent people, many of them children, are being killed and wounded due to such buffoonish incompetence combined with a depraved indifference to human life. But what the black gangbangers lack in skill at arms they make up for in sheer persistence, audacity and a lack of scruples. Since it was only criminals killing criminals in Waco, the white community at large is neither wringing its collective hands in concern nor holding candle light vigils. White folks don’t seem to be concerned about how much force the police used to suppress the violence and arrest the perpetrators either. Imagine that? FYI the last outlaw biker shootout of this magnitude was in Nevada in 2002 between the Hell’s Angels and the Mongols (a California based Hispanic motorcycle gang, which is incidentally regarded by authorities to be the most brutal of the lot), thirteen years ago. That gun-battle left three gang members dead. Given the infrequency of these altercations then white biker gangs don’t appear to pose anywhere near as much of a danger to public safety as the non-white inner city gangs. It is the novelty of the situation that appears to have attracted media attention.
responds: May 24, 2015

Jeremy, could this law enforcement/media hard-on for bikers be because our pasty white media and political leaders know that their wives and daughters would prefer to be the sexual play things of these brutes, rather than stay home and watch Game of Thrones?
Jeremy BenthamJun 3, 2015

Q: What is the difference between a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a Hoover vacuum cleaner? A: The Hoover vacuum cleaner carries the dirt-bag on the inside. LOL! But seriously folks…

Good point James. I am sure you are correct that sexual envy is in the mix as being a motivation for the close scrutiny the white biker gangs are currently receiving from both law enforcement and the media. One never sees an unattractive woman riding on the back of a Harley chopper, does one? It is well known that women with high sexual market value (i.e. hot) are attracted to the outlaw biker culture. It has a high cool factor with high SMV white women. Recent scientific studies tell us that the reason that women with high SMV are attracted to bad boys /jerks is that they tend to associate the “jerk” behavior (arrogance, high self-confidence/self-assurance, lack of empathy and consideration for others and etc.) with high social status. All women are hypergamous, meaning they want to mate with high social status men; in fact, all women want to mate with the same high social status men. So while most women want to mate with the same group of conventional high status men (athletes, entertainers, the wealthy and politically powerful), quite a few high SMV females want to mate with high status counter-culture men (i.e. criminals). Nevertheless, while the jealously inspired by the biker culture is undoubtedly true, I believe the principle reason for the increased attention paid to the outlaw bikers is because The Woman wants to inspire white guilt. To remind the middle class white community that white folks are capable of violent crime, even though everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of violent crime in 21st Century America is committed by blacks and Hispanics. So as our President might say, don’t be getting’ on your high horse white folks. Law enforcement and the news media are merely minions of The Woman and must carry out her will, always. Never forget that the Woman is busy waging a low-intensity civil war to destroy her political enemies and transform the country. An important part of this conflict is a psychological operation (Psyop) to destroy the will of the Woman’s unenlightened white enemies to resist this transformation by making said white folks feel guilty and responsible for any and every sort of evil afflicting the land. Including outlaw bikers holding an aberrational gunfight in a suburban mall restaurant. I must imagine that centuries from now Historians will dub The Woman’s civil war as the “Transformation Wars”, the “Social Justice Wars” or “The Great Get-Even War”.
responds: Jun 5, 2015

Yes Jeremy, I agree that your white guilt-card trumps my sexy biker card. However, try getting your more accurate assessment marked as an FX series!

I shall make my case with hot arrogant status breeding sluts and my ratings shall soar, despite the accuracy of yours!
Jeremy BenthamJun 5, 2015

Touché James. Although I will point out that even though the FX "Sons of Anarchy" series enjoys high ratings for a cable TV show, there are still tens of millions more people in the country who don't watch it than there are who do. However, having said that I can imagine that if say, a high level police official in Waco Texas had a wife who insisted on binge watching "Sons of Anarchy" while they were lying in bed together...then it's quite possible that said official could develop a big hard-on for outlaw bikers...and then the bikers came to town...Oh well, we may never know.
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