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The Hoodrat Hatchery
A White Wednesday Man Question from Gene: on Wal-Mart and Suburban Blight
© 2015 James LaFond
“These yuppies around here are protesting the new Super Wal-Mart. I don’t get it. You know not all of us can afford the organic foods. And with my wages frozen for ten years I could use a price break, even if it means shopping with fat spandexed welfare mammas. I just don’t see how you say no to three-hundred jobs in your neighborhood. What is the downside? Why are these people so nervous? I was born in Harford County and personally know people who sold their family land to real estate developers. Why are all of these Baltimore City refugees trying to keep Wal-Mart out?”
The short answer, Gene, is because they don’t want to have to move to West Virginia and drive two hours to work. You are on the Atalnta-D.C.-Baltimore-Philly-Gotham drug pipeline. Make room! Also, in light of the unwillingness of the Baltimore City government and police to lift a single finger to protect citizens from rampaging hoodrats and prowling gangbangers during our recent urban unpleasantness in Harm City, the suburban appetite to homestead in a hipster city enclave is suddenly on the wane just as the impetus to urban flight is on the rise among decent urban poor. Unfortunately these decent folks are the hosts for the social parasites that will ride them like ticks on a dear's back out into Harford County. And the government has designed society so that the children of these decent fleeing urban folks will become that which they fled from!
First off, you must understand that this suburban blight drive is directed by the superrich who live in rural and urban enclaves. Suburbia is the slave quarters of the postmodern plantation, where most of the people that create wealth live. The liberal elite, and the criminal class that serve the superrich reside in the urban centers draining suburbia dry like a vampire coven hanging on the necks of a bovine herd.
You will notice In Baltimore, that the wealthy have enclaves and that vast stretches of vacant housing are left to ruin, to be snapped up later by developers, as the hoodrat hordes are lured out into suburbia along expanded bus lines, to virgin areas serviced by mega retailers which pay wages so low that the only people who will work there are the poor who want to get out of the urban drug war zone.
Of those 300 jobs provided by a super Wal-Mart one will be in the low six figures, and four will pay enough to permit that assistant manager to rent an apartment or go in together with a spouse in the purchase of a house. The other 295 employees will work at or below the poverty line under poor conditions with no benefits, and will require subsidized housing, home sharing, apartment crowding, food stamps, and, most ominously for you, public transportation which will permit youths to transport drugs and violence as low risk mules and insurgent pioneers into your area. As Wal-Mart gets the lion’s share of food stamp transfers [EBT cash and food] than this operation amounts to a 19th century Appalachian coal mine with its own company store, with over half of the employees spending most—or even more than—their salary at the Wal-Mart register, literally a captive market and labor force in one.
These employees will bring their families to the area. There will also be an influx of welfare families fleeing the city ahead of the drug gangs and predatory police along the bus lines set up at tax payer expense so that you can save 25 cents on a dozen eggs, which requires some schlep to stock them in that upright cooler on a wage that cannot support an automobile. These families—by law—may not have a father. Therefore, 15 years from that Wal-Mart going up, you will have a full generation of violent, rootless, fatherless youth grown up with no sense of community, responsibility, or decency, who will instead be infused with a sense of entitlement, righteous oppression, and slave class envy for you, the guy buying the house down the street as its value plummets.
The children of the first generation of Wal-Mart employees and customers will—through their urban drug connections—provide your grandchildren’s disenfranchised and academically guilt-saddled generation with the drugs they require to forget they are evil white despoilers of the earth unfit to cohabitate with the martyred children of color who represent the Earth Mother and the liberated zeitgeist of ascendant feminism that shall lead them into earthly domination on the backs of winged words best heard with a good buzz on.
Enjoy your new neighbors, Bro, while I battle the ones that drove them to your ill-gotten white–gabled doorstep.
Gene, wherever you have urban gentrification at a municipal center, you will have corollary suburban blight in the outlying residential areas of the city, and eventually into the suburbs, and even beyond into the converted rural farmland and pasture you grew up on, which is being developed by far away lawyers to siphon tax money from the engorged federal teats that are filled with your tax dollars.
Think of it this way. It’s like Eli Roth putting you in a horror movie about rich white dudes sending Mexican construction workers to bury you a shovel at a time with the dirt dug out of your own front yard, so that some homeboy with his hat on backwards and his pants down around his knees might someday have the opportunity to stand on the crumbling pavement that encases your earthly remains and sell dope while he drinks his Mountain Dew.
Dude, you are providing—through your thankless toil—a much needed public service. How else is the war on drugs, that is the singular obsession of the Federal Sate and Municipal governments of this nation, going to expand, if the drug economy does not expand, and how is the drug economy going to expand if your neighborhood is not turned into a drug market? And no better method has been found for emptying suburban municipalities of businesses and generating vacancies that might be used for crack houses and heroin dens, then building a Wal-Mart!
Reference Link
Click here for Tyler Durden's post on a "wealth-adjusted community utopia" coming to an unimaginatively named prefabricated neighborhood near you!
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Ishmael    Jun 17, 2015

Their table is almost set, only so many plates left at the banquet, the haves and the have nots Ishmael
responds: Jun 19, 2015

Nice line, Ishmael.

Let us add one more place setting at the Table of Inequity, the Have Mores.
Jeremy Bentham    Jun 18, 2015

In the final analysis, if the white people in Baltimore want to destroy the black gangs in their city they should “QUIT BUYING ILLEGAL DRUGS”. If that were ever to happen l would bet the gang bangers would disappear from most urban neighborhoods faster than the A&P store did. Yeah, it could be that simple. However, those sort of simple things are hard to accomplish. Thus our societal problems remain intractable and unsolvable.
responds: Jun 19, 2015

Unfortunately no one other than some retired military guy living in the mid-west has made this connection.

On the bright side, Jeremy, isn't white drug use and black street crime a symbiotic union, like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder singing Ebony and Ivory?
Jeremy Bentham    Jun 18, 2015

Interesting. Wal-Mart doesn’t draw quite the same animus in my part of the country, but then where I live Wal-Mart doesn’t serve as a magnet for crime and hooliganism. Sure people decry the fact that Wal-Mart drives mom and pop competitors out of business. But the fact is that consumers don’t really care about the survival of mom and pop stores. There is no consumer loyalty. Everything else being equal, people will always go where they can get something for a nickel less. Always. The people in my region are an especially frugal and tight-fisted bunch of working class white people. They feel they work hard for their money so what they want more than anything else is to pay less for whatever they need and want. Therefore they will patronize places where they will pay less. Like Wal-Mart. Since the demographic makeup of my region is still overwhelming white, the people have yet to adopt the mindset that they must patronize more expensive venues if they want to avoid being victimized by ill-mannered, loud, disruptive and violent multicultural troublemakers. Contrast this with the nearby big city where the local white people have already figured out that when large numbers of innocent black youth start congregating at a festival: the party is over, it is time to go. Now. Money has become the root of all safety. You will need money to escape having to live in the vibrant multicultural paradise the Woman has planned for you.

Everybody seems to look at Wal-Mart as if it is an unbeatable retail leviathan that will be around forever. However, consider what happened to the A&P store. The A&P (AKA The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company) supermarket chain used have more stores than Wal-Mart. They were everywhere across the country like Wal-Mart and Starbucks is today. Today the chain survives only in the northeast. The Gen-Xers and Millennials in my part of the country have never heard of it. So completely has it disappeared from the public consciousness in the rest of the country. Likewise Wal-Mart is vulnerable; it needs customers, market share, to survive and thrive. It is likely a pawn in the Woman’s chess game; they are likely being manipulated, propagandized and coerced just as the rest of us are. As Saul Alinsky observed, “The internecine struggle among the Haves for their individual self-interest is as shortsighted as internecine struggle among the Have-nots. I have on occasion remarked that I felt confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday” (Rules for Radicals, 1971, P.150). Saul Alinsky, a radical Leftist political agitator, had a degree in Criminology. He spent a lot of time studying and hanging out with Chicago gangsters. In particular he was interested in their harassment and extortion tactics and how to adapt them to political conflict. Keep in mind that both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton were disciples of Saul Alinsky; President Obama even taught the Alinsky method of political activism at university level. The Woman is manipulating us at many levels to make us accept a transformation of our country and of our daily lives. The Woman cares naught about the collateral damage and chaos her policies cause. Since she is trying to create a utopia, a more just and equal society, anything she must do to make that happen, anything, is necessary and right. Besides, working out the pesky details of these massive changes is for the little people.
responds: Jun 19, 2015

Two things in Wal-Mart's defense:

They have stood up to Coke, which in retail is like Martin Luther nailing his decree to the church door

They only have a 10% gross margin on food—that is half the reason why it is so cheap. Whole foods is up around 37%!

I don't see Wal-Mart as the problem, but as a symptom of a social shift. My oldest son literally cannot afford to shop anywhere else, with two kids to fend for.

And I loved "the vibrant multicultural paradise the Woman has planned for you."

That needs to be an article, Jeremy!
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