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‘A Choir of Rejected Angels’
A Song of Words by Tauriq Moosa and Jason Lenox
2015, Ugli Studios Presents #3, pages 17-18
A man, haggard, worn, and yet meditative, sits in a yoga pose in the center of a great unused library channeling unknown songs yet to be sung by invasive voices.
Then ‘something comes unbidden’ and he is left with the writer’s choice to compromise and mutilate the story he has been given.
In this disturbingly poetic script, shadowed by what I think is Jason’s best black and white work, Taurig Moosa crafts a searing metaphor for the writer’s mind—hooked in, as it is, to the collective human mind. One might be forgiven for wondering if this illustrated verse were aimed at Stephan King’s auctioned heart, with the lich hand of Robert E. Howard delivering the spear thrust.
For me, as a prose writer enthralled by verse and who only dabbles in comics, A Song of Words, is the most powerful comic of any length, I have read.
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