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Fresh Meat Alert! [Confirmations]
Sean's Agon: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 11:00 A.M., a Sensibly Brutal Celebration of Masculinity
Charles will be coming out to spar with the knife and provide quality light-contact stick sparring.
Erique will be bussing it over from the West Side to work on his blade and stick game, and learn some boxing and grappling.
Craig will be coming out to box and roll, but will be arriving according to Colored People Time, so we will do the boxing and rolling when he gets there. He's been doing installation work in the ghetto, fighting off hood rats with his Great Granddaddy's army bayonet, doing his part to make sure Harm City is properly wired before it catches fire again. He'll text ahead with his ETA.
Kolya will try to make it, but his work schedule makes that doubtful.
Hawk, a friend of mine and former boxer, will hopefully be able to make it to help referee the boxing sparring.
Looking forward to training with you, Sean.
Sean is a reader from a small town, who runs a small gym and lacks sparring partners. His background is wrestling, karate, military, boxing. We will meet at Jim Fredrick's Kenpo in Towson, Maryland for training, sparring and other preparations for the Mangina-induced Apocalypse. This is Sean's session, will be crafted around what he has expressed are his combative needs.
Charles, Craig, Cory, Erique, Brett and Kolya are invited in for free training to serve as Sean's seconds and sparring partners, in your various specialties.
Others who are interested in training, need only pay a $15 mat fee to the white-bearded pot-bellied cuss in the ill-fitting sleeveless shirt to participate. The session will go until Sean has had enough, with an outside limit of 4:00 p.m.
The session outline is:
11:00-11:30: equipment and evolution orientation & warm up
11:30-12:00: whatever Charles wants to do
12:00-1:00: knife sparring
1:00-2:00: boxing, shadow, mitts, bag, board, sparring
2:00-3:30: stick fighting basics, the fundamental four, the three basic stroke types and mobility
3:30-4:00: grappling*
*Listen, the hell if I'm rolling around with this big stud. But if Cory, Koyla or Craig are there, you all can practice making pretzels out of each other. Ever since Craig grape-vined me into submission from the bottom I'm real leery about rolling with young studs—and besides, have forever suffered the ruination of my Rhonda Rousey sex fantasy—thanks Craig!
All equipment, except wraps, cups and mouthpiece are provided.
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