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MMA Vampires
© 2013 James LaFond
No, not exactly, or at least not yet.
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On a recent trip to the book store I noticed that the two dominant subjects in the fiction and nonfiction genres in which I write are vampires, crowding out hard science-fiction and sword & sorcery on the sci-fi book rack, and MMA, which accounts for virtually all martial arts magazine coverage, and a big chunk of the book titles.
On our own site, Charles and I have noticed the popularity of MMA articles, and also find ourselves hoping that I am bitten by a disenfranchised minor noble from a Balkan nation [or, preferably, by his smoking hot girlfriend] so that I might pen a bestselling vampire memoir.
Now, a fellow writer and I are working on a sci-fi collaboration with a vampirism ‘angle’ that is a year or so away from publication. It is not something that I think should be classified as vampire fiction and certainly not vampire romance. Of course the best way to sell it would be by mentioning vampires on the cover, just like the biggest circulating martial arts magazine always makes certain to mention MMA on the cover.
I wrote this piece largely to invite commentary on either of these two pillars of popular culture.
What do you think about either or both of these phenomena?
Currently I am reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He wasn’t the first to write about vampires, but he did bring it all together as a cohesive literary complex. I wonder what he would think about upper middleclass suburban vampires getting married for centuries of monogamous bliss, having semi-divine babies, holding multicultural living room socials with equally civilized werewolves, and saving humanity from evil.
More importantly, how long before we see a graphic novel or movie about an MMA vampire?
Has it been done already?
Do you have a prediction for the release year of the first MMA vampire movie? Personally I like Tito Ortiz for the lead with Kendal Grove as his murderous cross-dressing sidekick.
Please, trivia-acquiring minds want to know!
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girlfightmovie     Dec 11, 2016

Fist of the Vampire is the closest thing
James     Dec 12, 2016

Thank you,

Actually I saw girl fight and enjoyed it.
girlfightmovie     Dec 12, 2016

I made the short film but yeah that's as close to vampire MMA. Monster Brawl might include a vampire and Zombie Fight Club has a few zombies.
James     Dec 12, 2016

Congrats on the movie. Feel free to send me any promo links you like at ϳаmeslа at gmа

Has the actress in girlfight done any other work? I really liked her.
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