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‘Be An Asshole’
What Is The Most Effective Lifestyle Change A Beta Male Can Make? At Chateau Heartiste
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“Just in case you take requests, I would like to see your take on ‘What Is The Most Effective Lifestyle Change A Beta Male Can Make?’”
-Your Guest
Thank you, Guest, for the link to this excellent article. [At the bottom of this page]Everything the author says in his answer to the beta male question is true. I would like to add another angle, something that has worked for me when I did not want it to work, numerous times.
If you do not have what it takes to be an alpha male, and are sick of being a beta male, try being the guy that alphas fear and respect, and women seem driven to connect with despite his disconnect—be the omega male, the suicidal psycho, the Taboo Man.
People think of men with a lot of female opportunity as players of team sports, which is true in a school setting. In an adult setting, the men who women throw themselves at the most are fighters. It is a patently ridiculous fact that so many women throw themselves at fighters that most fighters are destroyed not by fighters that are better than they are, but by women that are hornier than they are.
Women are biologically wired to be attracted to risk-taking men, and wealthy men [often both at the same time]. When I had a job making close to six-figures, young women routinely sought me out as a sugar daddy. Not wanting to have my writing compromised and beginning to doubt my ‘discipline of steel’ after one cinnamon doll brought me her even prettier friend [literally, hand in hand, both smiling up at me] to sweeten the sugar deal I had politely declined, I reasoned that by becoming a poorly dressed pauper, a reclusive pedestrian in a world where cars equal status, that the women would stop calling.
No such luck. I was soon hit with a pussy storm, women offering to buy me cars and pay my rent and had to run for cover, managing to avoid most of the attention through such ruses as claiming homosexuality, impotence and celibacy. I now have a Santa Claus gut, a white beard, only clear $175 per week as a grocer clerk and still have to turn women down routinely. I asked my doctor about this, a man with an actual black book who has young women knocking on his door at all hours—sometimes in pairs—and he said, “It’s because you don’t give a shit. If you want some twenty-five year old nurses with daddy issues that you’ll never be able to get rid of, I’ll send them your way—you fucking cave man.”
In a world of emasculated men, even those women who demand emasculation of the men in their life remain thirstily on the prowl for a psychologically whole man. When the Roman Empire reached similar levels of depravity as our own society, there was a steady subtext to the lives of the rich and famous. The wives of senators and even emperors sought out gladiators for sex. Gladiators were slaves, condemned men.
Fight and seek the condemnation of polite society; build a brutal you and they will cum.
Here is one example of a conversation method. This, like all such asshole behavior, works best when you just do it on principal. I was speaking with two multilingual people, a man and a woman, when they began berating Americans for only speaking English. They eventually came to the conclusion that it made no sense to have a single language population and spoke their pity for this great festering nation, whose people speak only one language. They then looked to me for a comment, a speaker of only one language, and I said, “The speaking of only your language is a privilege earned through slaughter. Kill enough people and the rest will speak your language. Did the Romans speak Hebrew, Sammation, Germanic? No, they bought a smart Greek translator.”
The man stood aghast—a man, a really great guy—I might add, who is chronically short on female companionship.
The woman looked at me with a round O of surprise on her lips and naked desire in her eyes.
Taboo You
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Ishmael    Jan 16, 2016

It's so fun to drop a turd like that in a conversation! Ishmael
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