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Neanderthal Idiots in Harm City
Sympathy for the Devil... But None for White Victims of Violence By Colin Flaherty
The story here from Colin Flaherty and a Baltimorean who recently moved away because he made the idiot mistake of saving a black woman from her bat wielding boyfriend, is sobering in a pathetic way. The discussion is about a tragic and unreported murder of a white man by a black punk on his front porch, where he heroically put his wife and daughter into extreme danger by abandoning all masculine and familial responsibility and trying to save a hate-filled people from themselves.
Where did this idiot Neanderthal move to? Herring Run Park [facing it rather, the white guys who live in Herring Run Park do not have wives.] Here is a brief list of items that I have experienced walking through that park and just beyond to the bus stop:
1. 2 men board the bus I am on, and begin shooting at a guy seated in front of me, who runs off the back with them on his tail
2. An innocent unarmed black youth shot at me with a 25 auto from the sidewalk of the park, the three rounds impacting the bus frame below where I was sitting on the back right side of the #15 bus
3. 2 youths trailed me through the park and waited outside the liquor store for me while I purchased my weapon. When I exited, smacking the 22 oz bottle into my left palm, they retreated
4. A large black man stepped out of a doorway and screamed into my face, “Give me money!” I told him that I had 617 dollars in my wallet and he declined to try and take it from me as I palmed my razor.
5. A Vietnamese lady friend of mine was tortured while handcuffed by a black cop at her father’s grocery 200 yards from this park.
6. 2 youths followed me into the park, where I turned on them with a foot long knife. After they fled I used the knife to make a spear I could hide there.
7. Duz, total tough guy, a Polish dude who only dates black women, and has been run over by black gunmen in a stolen car, and just shrugged it off, moved out of that neighborhood 20 years ago because his house got broken into every time he left it.
8. Black men from this neighborhood gather in packs and raid neighboring areas.
That is just a sampling of my own experiences in that location. My 40 year old female cousin was mugged there by two innocent unarmed black youths. My 18-year-old female cousin was raped on the street corner right there by an innocent unarmed black youth wielding a knife.
These yuppie “blockbuster” musicians, who think they can save those who hate them and put their women and children in danger to assuage their own misplaced feminist guilt and world-saving bitch complex, should be staked out, skinned, have their eyelids pinned back, and left for the crows.
I am not sorry that man was killed by my enemies while he was in the process of helping them.
I have no compassion for the slain man, or his world-saving friend who has since fled to the Left Coast.
I might add that I like this park and have used it for the setting of numerous stories and novels, including Buzz Bunny. My five year old son once caught a frog here while I stood over him with a bowie knife strapped to my leg.
And you move your wife and daughter right into the middle of Indian Country, and not just any Indian Country, but Black Feet hunting grounds?
Die fool, die.
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keithJan 23, 2016

As a much younger man full of piss and vinegar, I got involved in a domestic altercation one night. While standing at the counter in the stop and go, I heard a popping sound that I immediately recognized as fist meets head. I turned to see agent a little taller than I hitting a lady in the head. I mentioned that hitting girls was inappropriate so he stepped up and swung at me. It just so happened I had just left karate practice , with room to maneuver I tried to settle him down as I moved around and away. He would not settle and I backed into the dairy case. When I finally hit him in the nose twice and slapped his ear he went down and I knee dropped on him. Don't know to this day why I dodged, but a catsup bottle grazed the side of my head. I continued to roll away as the female was kicking and throwing stuff at me. I hit the door running. Lesson learned.
responds: Jan 24, 2016

Great story, Keith.

You know, I have heard that couples have also used this as a scam to generate a law suit against a good will responder!
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