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Agon 2013 Brief
Specific Procedures for Our May 25th Meet
© 2013 James LaFond
Since publishing the FMA and Gladiatorial weapon sets on this site fighters have voiced some concerns, and asked for certain clarifications. The answers to these questions will be answered below by way of a ‘fighter conduct outline’. If you will be fighting or attending, take note, because this is how the meet will go down.
We are expecting seven fighters and about 30 spectators, with 10 guest and staff.
With amateur MMA now sanctioned in Maryland by the same USA Boxing people that barred James from continuing to coach boxing with their organization because of his involvement in contact weaponry, we cannot permit MMA or boxing techniques in this event. Our empty hand techniques must be limited to checking, disarming and clinching.
For the reason stated above, the athletic commission might be sent to check on us. For this reason we may not employ officials: no score keeper; time-keeper; referee or judges. This meet will consist of pure submission bouts. You are a weapon fighter, a duelist, a stick-fighter, not an athletic robot! You must defend not only yourself but your opponent. This requires a level of maturity and combat sensitivity that is rare in athletics, but is a must in contact weaponry. Combat sensitivity is also the one thing that will save you if you are attacked with a weapon in private life. Many stabbing victims get stabbed ‘repeatedly’ because they didn’t know they got stabbed in the first place. By learning how to call yourself out from weapon contact under pressure you are learning how to survive a murder attempt.
1. You will register with the MC, your age plus years of weapon-fighting
2. When called to challenge you pick a second, and challenge an opponent.
3. When challenged you inform the second as to your preferred weapon set.
4. The weapon sets are held by panel members.
5. The second approaches the panel member, who releases the weapons to the second with instructions for the bout to be ‘sudden death’ ‘best of three’ or ‘best of five’.
6. After the fighters are armed they indicate their readiness by first saluting the panel member who issued the weapons, and then tapping sticks or saluting with blunts.
7. A round ends when a fighter calls himself out, recognizing a disabling or lethal stroke.
8. A round that ends in both fighters taking disabling or lethal strokes is re-fought.
9. The second may halt any bout for a safety check.
10. The second may call any bout [by definition a no-contest] if a fighter is in danger. By selecting him the fighters agree that he may act on their behalf in this manner.
11. The second never calls strokes but may be consulted by the fighters over a dispute.
12. The second returns the weapons to the panel member.
13. A fighter that declines a challenge exits the fighter rotation.
14. At the end of a challenge round in which none of the remaining fighters challenged or accepted, the meet is over.
The involvement of the panel members is a measure to lend a gladiatorial flavor to the meet, as most of the gladiatorial weapons will be dropped from the selection.
Fighters who challenge James may be able to use a weapon outside of the listed selection, and do get to choose the weapon. This is to insure that everyone gets to fight with the weapons they want to, and at the same time permitting no one from being singled out and challenged with something he is not proficient in. The meet assumes no protective gear except for the single gladiatorial weapon set. The fighter meeting will consist largely of a forensics, gear effects, and sensitivity discussion to facilitate meaningful combats.
Weapon Selection for Agon 2013
1. Knife
2. Double knife
3. Tethered knife [the fighters hold onto a 5 foot rope]
4. Stick and dagger
5. Cleaver and shield [limb armor assumed]
6. Stick
7. Double-stick
8. Stick as sword
If anyone [other than James, who deserves it by now] goes to the hospital we can’t do this again, so leave your ego at the door. This is a test of applied combat skill, not a prize-fight.
James, 4/8/2013
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