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‘The Measuring Hand’
The Single Dude’s Guide to Survival, Volume 17
© 2016 James LaFond
In this, the next to last installment of the Single Dude Survival Guide, I go over situational control methods that stop short of contact but do require body movement and a certain amount of physical confrontation. I have envisioned taking this manual up to the point of contact and then providing a training to-do list. The next installment will be a detailed example of a contact situation in which my awareness failed me disastrously.
Until them, remember that the Hand of Power does work. Putting your open hand out as a post means they have to touch you in order to get in your face, crowd or loom. This encourages them to make that contact choice when you have more reaction time.
Stay single, dude.
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‘Ever the Frontiersman’

Sam J.     Apr 22, 2016

This is probably some of the best advice I've seen to idiots like me. If you got a hand out it's their choice to move into you and you have some control.
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