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The World is Our Widow Kindle Edition
by James LaFond: Victorian scholar and adventurer Richard F. Burton is sought by an unlikely team of time hunters.
It is 1868 and Captain Richard F. Burton, intrepid secret agent, undefeated swordsmen, fierce intellectual and famed explorer wastes away as the British Counsel to Sao Paulo Brazil, unlikely to advance in the service of the Queen due to the powerful enemies made by his outspoken opinions on colonial misrule...
Removing a man of Burton’s stature from the historical time-line before his natural death could cause a deadly ripple in Time. Fortunately Burton is known to have disappeared into the wilds of South America from September 1868 until March 1869 with two mysterious adventurers, and uncharacteristically left no written account. Professor Stevenson is journeying 145 years into the past with militant white supremacist Randy Bracken as his ‘security operative’, intent on their being those two men.
Can a mathematics professor and a fixer for the Aryan Brotherhood convince the stubborn Burton to forsake Queen and Country for a ride through Time, even as they themselves are stalked by hunters from their future?
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