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Breeder's Digest
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© 2013 James LaFond
For the discerning breeder who plans on propagating, your friendly ghetto researcher offers this guide to some of the lesser known facts that may impact your personal reproductive policies, or at least assist you in educating your inheritors concerning little known things. This will be updated, so check back occasionally. The subtitle will indicate the last update.
Unless a source is cited to the right in brackets, the information below is derived from the author’s own diligent research.
Initial Entry
Best evidence that the White House was once occupied by a human comes from my favorite quote by John Fitzgerald Kennedy concerning then President’s Eisenhower’s home: “The Tomb of The Well Known Soldier.”
The United States has 5% of world population. [History Channel 2]
The United States has 25% of world prison population. [HC2]
Percentage of U.S citizens classified as black: 10% [HC2]
Percentage of the U.S. prison population classified as black: 40% [HC2]
One Baltimore area deli uses cold running water to cool down boiled potatoes, so that these potatoes may be mixed with the mayonnaise-based sauce without spoiling it. In order to properly cool them in this fashion takes 3 hours [according to the cook]. So that one 40 pound batch of potatoes may be so cooled, it requires 540 gallons of potable water, at the double faucet rate of 3 gallons per minute. Perhaps the World Bank would like to finance a potato salad factory in the Sudan?
In Maryland ‘food stamp’ benefits are distributed between the 6th and the 18th of each month.
Avoid discount food shopping on these days, unless you want to make a deal...
Heroin addicts will permit you to spend $20 dollars of their food stamp allotment for $10.
Crack-heads will permit you to spend $30 dollars of their sister’s food stamp allotment for $10.
Percentage of Western Union money transfers sent from a Baltimore City food market to the FBOP [Federal Bureau of Prisons]: 30%
'The Raw Wet Sound of Splintering Bone'
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