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A Dissident Lit Heads-up from Mescaline Franklin
Every Filipino I work with or see at the 7-11 loves this guy.
-Mescaline Franklin
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LynnJul 15, 2016

I read a story from a few days ago that a bad batch of synthetic weed (that is what the story said, I have no clue what synthetic weed is) had over 30 people rolling around on the sidewalks convulsing and vomiting. Just think of the easy pickings!
SAWBJul 15, 2016

Not sure what years it took place but didn't China take care of a major opium problem by getting rid of most of the addicts.

Man please, I even got kin folks that are addicts and are a burden to society and would be glad to relieve them of their suffering if I could get away with it . They remind me of the Zombie walkers on the Walking Dead Show.
Sam J.Jul 16, 2016

Synthetic weed is where someone has figured out how to make the active ingredient in weed. Of course that's illegal but analogs aren't (and sometimes they are too). Analogs are where they take the basic structure of the synthetic weed and add various chemical bonds dangling off the base structure. When you do this the resultant chemical when smoked causes??????? THAT's the problem. They are just mixing stuff up and trying on humans or dogs or whatever. Who knows what this stuff will do. I'm not a Libertarian or Libertardian as I say but they do have a few good ideas. One is that drugs that get people high ought to cause the least harm and make them legal. There's a guy in New Zealand that made a bunch of different synthetic drugs but instead of just mixing random crap he worked to make drugs that would get you feeling good but caused little harm. He also worked with the New Zealand government to legalize the ones that had less harm.

This seems reasonable to me. In a perfect world everyone would be content with their lives and wouldn't need stress relief or to just get fucked up. Mostly the average person relaxes through drugs of some sort and I include alcohol. Unlike the rich we can't afford guru "life coaches" and God forbid we listen to our fearless leader James LaFond as a "life coach". Better to toke up on the new synthetic weed heavily. :) :)

The Cramps - Lets get Fucked Up

The Cramps - Caveman

Back in the day I used to drink. A lot. This was my favorite band. The two people who put it together were Jews. One of the few things the Jews ever did that was good.

The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People (FULL ALBUM)
responds: Jul 17, 2016


I do know of gas stations in Maryland legally selling some kind of herb and spice mix—called spice—which, if smoked in vast quantities, seems to get people "high." I do not know what is in it, but know of people with a $300 per month habit using their children's food stamps to legally chase this magic dragon.

I say legalize all drugs, the more harmful the better.
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