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Darkly: Kindle Edition
The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2012-2014
Darkly is the comprehensive anthology of the short fiction of James LaFond; encompassing the lesser anthologies: Rise, Motherworld, Sacrifix and Daughters of Moros.
This collection includes 22 novelettes and short stories ranging from historical horror, science-fiction, and his own weird brand of postmodern urban horror, including:
By This Axe!
Buzz Bunny
Little Feet Going Nowhere
Fat Girl
Menthol Rampage
The Song of Jeannot
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Max HainAug 20, 2016

Haven't sampled any of your fiction. However, your short nonfiction is good enough that maybe you should publish that under the same groupings on your website. For instance, a book titled Ghetto Grocer, with all your accounts of the life of a ghetto grocer, each as a chapter; another titled Harm City, and so forth. Someone who is really good at nonfiction, should think about publishing collections of that nonfiction. I enjoy reading the individual stories; I am guessing that others would enjoy them collected into a book.
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