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Himalayan Potpie
Cooking with Bryce
I’ve grown wary of 25-cent burritos every day. I like them just as much as I did last week. But, I’m concerned about nutrition.
I searched in the fridge and saw the ground pork I cooked and drained last Thursday, or rather what is left, about a half-pound. When I open the lid it smells fine, so in it goes to the Pyrex pie pan.
For fresh vegetables I chose five jalapeno-stuffed olives and a clove of garlic that is as big as my thumb and cut them into fine slivers to give this repast a gourmet ambiance.
Then on goes three hefty shakes of the smoked parka/lime adobo.
Running low on paper plates and not wanting a mess, I dragoon the out-of-date corn tortillas and tear them up to form a spatter proof—as well as edible!—cover.
And, yes, Bryce is an actual gourmet chef, a former roommate and Green Party kind of guy, who has been gone for 2.5 years now. However, he did gift me a plastic salt grinder loaded with pink Himalayan salt, which will no doubt add some crucial micronutrient to this meal that might not be among the multitude of nutrients listed on the burrito package and which I might therefore be lacking. Crunch, crunch: salt from around the world graces the corn tortillas and into the microwave it goes.
I set it on dinner plate and only smelled it a little bit, so I’m hitting dinner plate again…
…At 1:56 its smelling good—like tortillas, like they weren’t even stale!
At 42 this meal is smelling like a success—
Yes, slicing the tortillas and mixing them in helps absorb the traces of grease and should render cleanup easier. Eating as I post.
Thanks, Bryce.
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Sam J.Aug 26, 2016

I just thought of a way I could be of service. Possibly. Look at Kurt Saxon's post on sprouting wheat. This stuff is super healthy. Look up the nutrients in sprouted grains. Believe it or not you can take a grain with no vitamins, sprout it and it becomes loaded with vitamins.

Kurt Saxon is a great Man. Publisher of "The Poor Man's James Bond', numerous "Survivor" books (I think I have all of them) from when I actually had money. He's an interesting guy. I've talked to him for a little once about ceramic housing.

When he talks about "...hard red winter wheat, untreated (treated seed is strictly for planting)..." your also talking about feed for animals which shouldn't be treated. However some has deworming stuff in it. Read the label. You might could get this at Tractor supply. Hmm... I need to make a trip.

There's videos
IshmaelAug 27, 2016

Look into untreated alfalfa seed also, great on elk steak, beer bread sandwich.
IshmaelAug 27, 2016

Look into untreated alfalfa seed also, great on elk steak, beer bread sandwich.
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