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The Dindu Sales Corp
Infiltration: Stage 1
© 2016 James LaFond
This past weekend, my elderly mother, who lives deep in the 98% white suburbs, heard a knock on the door while the dog was out back. My aunt looked out the window and saw a small black man. My mother opened the interior door and said through the glass, "I don't want any."
The men then said, "You don't have to be rude just because I'm black."
Hearing this, my brain began to melt and I had visions of fist-fucking his throat until blood ran out of his ass.
She, though, was moved to defend her lack of racism and conversed with this Dindu, who was trying to sell something that never was determined and may have been casing the house. I told her to never open an interior door for any man she did not know and to get a 'no soliciting' sign and call the cops on anyone that knocks.
This is, Phase 1, Dindu infiltration.
Beware, Paleface.
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Ishmael     Aug 31, 2016

James, being a long, long, way from Dindustan, my hunter senses jumped right to casing, you better hang out, or how good a cook is your mother? I would like to play, no James your mother is too old for me! Are there any trees or hiding places, I will drink only when you are around, need weapon too slow and old for hand to hand.
Jeremy Bentham     Sep 2, 2016

Yeah, if there's a Dindu knocking on your front door, there's a good chance another one will be using the distraction to break in through the back door. Or window. Like the cops say too, they are always intrigued by how much the criminal predators they have occasion to observe so often act just like sharks and "bump" their prey to see how it will react before launching their attack in earnest.
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