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Major League Baseball's Big Secret
Why the Team Playing for the Wild Card Spot Can't Draw Fans When the #1 Team Comes to Town
© 2016 James LaFond
The first place Toronto Blue Jays are in town for a four game series against the Orioles, who are struggling for the wild card playoff spot and the famously supportive fans of a baseball club known for playing unusually well against better teams when at home with a full house, can't fill a third of the stadium?
The sports casters are blaming back to school shopping, as if kids never before got outfitted for school at the and of August.
However, the white rabbits of Harford County, 80% of whom fled from Baltimore City due to black-on-white violence between 1968 and 2016, know why the park is empty. After Orioles fans and nearby motorists were attacked [one woman put into a coma, which was never reported] by Dindu hordes last year and the press pretended it did not happen, the grapevine heated up with warnings not to attend. Even season ticket holders are only attending a small portion of their games. My son's upscale employer has not been able to give all of their tickets away. My other son—a huge Orioles fan—will not take my grandson into Harm City, but rather to watch a minor league team play in Aberdeen.
I think this is just deserts. White Baltimoreans expected to flee 30 miles out and still have Baltimore City provide security for them to visit on occasion to watch ball games and use the Inner Harbor. Baseball may have its fair share of good black players who are generally very well-behaved, as well as some small slice of black fans who are behaviorally indistinguishable from whites. But the game—as far as Harm City Dindus are concerned—is a white game and at best an Uncle Tom sport. A lot more of Dindus taking ticket money out of Major League Baseball pockets should be a good thing all around.
Yo, keep up the blockade!
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