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Dindu Massacre!
Whitey Has Done it Now!
A Dindu is not necessarily a person of a specific race. Rather they are a predator that operates in a sacral state of preexisting innocence, the State-declared absence of agency that absolves them of all guilt and makes any punishment or preventative aggression a crime in the eyes of the Matriarchs of Dindustan's Doucheia Law.
Did you know that an entire pack of Dindus got wiped out in extreme Northwest Dindustan, in the northeast of Washington State?
They were four-legged Dindus! That's why.
Some background, gleaned from hunters I spoke to at the Cody Museum of the West:
In Idaho, in 1995 14 wolves were "reintroduced" from Canada, a bigger type of wolf that had previously hunted this region. At that time 14,000 elk roamed the state. These elk were not habituated to wolves, kind of like suburbanites are not habituated to urban predators. Now only 4,000 elk survive, many of them uneaten by these feral wolves, who have taken to "thrill-killing."
By law Idaho must maintain 100 mated pairs or packs. The population increased from 14 in 1995 to 856 in 2009 and levelled to 683 in 2012. Limited wolf hunting is permitted to try and stem the slaughter of the elk.
In Washington State their are 20 packs of these wolves, supported by wolf-loving liberals. Some of these packs are hitting ranches, killing calves, and the ranchers are not allowed to retaliate against the sacred animal.
Does this sound familiar?
Recently, State authorities conducted a cull and killed the adults of a pack that was ravaging a cattle herd. The four-legged Dindu youth that remained continued to kill calves so the wildlife agents killed them too. And the liberal wolf-lovers are in a panty-waist fit over the slaughter of these innocent, unarmed, members of a disadvantaged species who dindunuffin!
I theorize that the goal is to make elk culling by humans unnecessary so that the population of human predators of honorable type—which inconveniently operate according to a moral code that is not easily manipulated by the Doucheia Law matriarchs—may be more strictly controlled and disarmed.
Under the God of Things
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Sam J.Sep 13, 2016

"...I theorize that the goal is to make elk culling by humans unnecessary so that the population of human predators of honorable type...may be more strictly controlled and disarmed...."

Interesting thought. I wonder sometimes if some these moves are not planned. They just...feel right to the mommie dearest. The end result being the taming of the human predators and their evil guns.

I've seen some pictures of the wolves shot in Idaho and they were scary. Huge. As tall as a Man. I've read that people have been in the woods hunting and they turn around and there one these things are. They said the impression they had was that it was stalking them. All those fairy tales about the big bad wolf are probably for a reason. I would kill every one of these. I can see no different in having them near humans than I can grizzly bears. Makes me wonder if there were still sabertooth tigers would they be importing them into the suburbs so we could,"live with nature".
WellRead EdSep 13, 2016

It's always been interesting to me how predators from completely different species operate in similar fashion. The details of methodology differ only in the adaptation of differing anatomy, but the core principles remain the same for Wolf, Lion, or Dindu; seek out the weak, infirm, or unwary, attack from ambush and inflict as much damage as possible in as little time as possible.
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